Hampton Inn
2093 S Hamilton Rd
Columbus, OH 43232

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Stayed here for one night. Upon leaving my room I noticed 1 live bedbug on my sheet. I did an inspection on the room prior to sleeping and unpacking, but did not see any signs. When I informed the general manager, he seemed to think it wasn't his problem. He said "there isn't really anything I can do for you." And then said "We have never had this problem before. how do you know they are in your luggage?" This is not what I would expect from a large hotel chain general manager. Ap

parently they have had this problem before. Stay at your own risk.

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I stayed at this hotel on 7/24/13, and within 2 weeks my arms and legs had multiple bed bug bites on them. This was the only trip I've taken recently and it was further confirmed by a separate report on this website by guests who actually saw bed bugs in their room just days after my stay. These bites last several weeks and are incredibly uncomfortable.
Stay at this hotel at your own risk!

8/3/2013 awoke to find a bug on my pillow where upon I squished it with my fingers and noticed blood. In the bathroom, I placed what I thought was a dead bug on a tissue and washed my hands. My family did a google search to determine this bug was indeed a bedbug. We placed it in a plastic bag and a few moments later noticed it was still alive as it had moved to between the tissue. My husband noticed a red mark behind my left ear...bedbug bite! He took bug to manager who confirmed it was inde

ed a bedbug and was very apologetic. He told us Orkin would disinfect our room and adjoining rooms; we moved to another room on a different floor and never saw another bedbug. However, we will never bring our luggage into hotel rooms....just bare essentials as this experience was very upsetting. We took all our clothes to laundry mat to wash in hot water and stored luggage in hot trunk to kill any potential bugs. We will forever worry about bedbugs as they can live a year w/o food!! This is a nice hotel and under a good chain so always check beds and headboards for signs of bedbugs.

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