German Village Inn
920 S High St
Columbus, OH 43206-2524

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my name is chet patel. i am manager at german village inn. we don,t have any beg bugs in our rooms. the customer told lie. because the fire marshal and health deparmnet they check the rooms and they did not find any bedbugs.

the bugs bit my genitals.

from 4,30 2010 to 5,2 2010 I stayed in room 60 and after the first day I thought I had chiger bites and the itch was terable. Since I thought it was chigers I thought i wouldnot get any moore bites, but they I mean moore bites appered in other places and I got on the net to see what A bedbug bit looks like and it is identical to bed bug bites is what I have. I am convinced that is what they are.

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