Doubletree Hotel Columbus Worthington
175 Hutchinson Ave
Columbus, OH 43235-1413

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While laying in my bed... At 2:12am... I saw a big crawl across my pillow. I wondered if it was a bed bug. Sure enough, after a thorough inspection of the bed, I found more!! YUCK! It was 2am, so I really didn't want to find a different place to stay. AND the conference I was attending is AT the DT Hilton... Ugh! They switched my room, but no offer to comp the room was made. I was offered free thanks! The conference is serving breakfast! Try again! I will NEVER stay at a

nother Hilton hotel anywhere!

I saved the bug in a glass... Just so someone else could experience the same full body shiver I did!

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Morning of 11/21 - found a well-fed, gorged bedbug on my bedsheets.

May have been transported from Minneapolis, MN.

Spent the nights of 11/14-11/17/13 at the Doubletree. Room 138. When I got home on 11/17/13 and took a shower I noticed red bites all along my stomach and abdomen. I had taken showers at the hotel but didn't notice the spots. In my research I found it can take 1-2 days for the spots to appear. I contacted the hotel to let them know I believed it was bed bugs. I talked to the supervisor of housekeeping. She was going to inspect the room and get back to me. I am still waiting for a return call but

there is no doubt in my mind my room had bed bugs. There is no other explanation.

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My hotel stay started on 7/9 thru 7/13 and found bedbugs my first night. One was crawling on my leg under the covers. The front desk was immediately notified and sent security who couldn't believe the size of the bed bug, in fact didn't truly believe it was until I showed them images from the web confirming the bedbug. I was staying in room 607 and was moved to the 4th floor moments later. That same night in 607 one crawled out from behind the picture on the wall above the headboard. The ma

nager called me a few days later after returning from vacation. Apologized profusely and offered to launder my clothes. Overall they were responsive and reactive to the situation, but feel they could have paid for one nights stay especially considering I was wide awake the rest of the night. I had no bites, luggage and clothing was cleaned properly. I'm thankful this site exists to report and query future hotel stays.

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I recently stayed at this hotel with a large group. After a major renovation where they replaced carpet and even took sheet rock off in some rooms and eliminated wallpaper from their rooms, they also replaced much of the furniture, replaced mattresses and I was told it was because of "many things" None of reported any little bites and we filled 80% of the hotel. Hopefully the bed bug problem has been taken care of.

Do not blame the front desk staff for not knowing there was a problem, They a

re the last to know when there is an issue. Can not have a front desk person blurting out we have bed bugs LOL

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To the Wife of the person who stayed at this hotel this past week...what room/floor?

My Husband is there this week and we are very worried about this!

thank you!

I am very concerned about these reports and the lack of attention to this problem. Bed bugs are very hardy and easily spread. They are very difficult to get rid of. Spraying a few rooms does not eliminate the problem as bed bugs can hibernate for many months as well as travel over 100 feet. Hence they move from room to room. Searching the bed does not always provide evidence of bed bugs as they can live in the headboards, or behind the headboards or in the side tables, light switch covers etc.

If there is a hotel with a noted bed bug problem, companies should not be sending employees to this accommodation. This just puts people and their own homes at very high risk for getting bed bugs as they will "hitch hike" in clothes, luggage, linen etc. Employees should be reporting this to their employer who may not be aware of the situation.

It is very costly, time consuming, and emotionally distressing to have bed bugs brought into your home. These are very difficult creatures to get rid of!

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My husband check in to this hotel on Feb. 3, 2011 and checked the room and found no evidence of bed bugs. However, after four nights if had bites on his back. This morning (the 8th) he found one and put it in a coffee cup and covered it. He went to the front desk and asked for the manager. He asked if the hotel had bed bug problems and she said no. His response was...then what is this. She said they would pay for his dry cleaning. The went up to his room and pulled the two beds away from

the wall and ripped out the head boards and found shells from the eggs. They said the would get rid of the beds and linens and exterminate the room and the two rooms on each side. Luckly he was checking out. Unfortunately his company keeps on average 70 people a night in this hotel and he has to go back in two weeks. I'm worried my house is going to be infected from his suitcase and bags!

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Checked in on 10/5/10. Both double beds in the room had bug casings and feces on underside of the bed skirts. Management was very attentive and moved me to another room, and comped my stay. I heard from a local contact that the hotel had been having problems with this and had recently sprayed, but management did not verify this when I asked directly.