Days Inn Columbus North
1212 E Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH

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We checked in room 242 and 244 and there was a bed bug when I lifted my sheet and covers. I could not get out there fast enough!!!! We took bed bug in cup to front desk and they wanted to move us to another room. NOT!!! We left and never was charged!!!!

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Thursday May 19,2011, we are in town for the Rock on the Range event. I booked my room here based on positive feedback on the internet.
Once we got settled into our room # 225, I checked the bed, sheets, etc.
Low and behold, once I lifted the fitted sheet up there they were!!!! Bed bugs!!!!!!
I had never seen one before so I took it to the front desk in a cup and the desk clerk positively identified it as a BED BUG!!!!! She seemed put out for having to move us and her attitude changed for t

he worse almost immediately.
Also under the sheets was food crumbs from previous guests.
We are owners with Wyndham so we do not stay in "hotels" very often. We were very suprised to find this and please please if you stay here check your sheets. For that matter, check them wherever you stay outside of you house.
Also, if you stay here, in a "standard" room, microwave and refrigerator are not included.

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We had to stay in Columbus for a work trip. The person I roomed with got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stepped on a bed bug and got blood on her sock. Then found two more crawling in the bathroom from the carpet and one more bed bug in her pillow. There was not a large infestation but enough to take them home with us for sure. The hotel did not seem at all surprised or to care too much that there were bed bugs in the hotel. I think they are fully aware that they have be

d bugs and just don't care.

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We(husband,2 children, and myself) stayed one night in this hotel. What a mistake. It was very unpleasant to say the least. I killed abug right before we went to bed unaware it was a bedbug. I did check the sheets and did not see any bugs, however the next day we got moving early because we were so unhappy with the hotel. That day on our way home our 5 year old daughter started getting red bumps. We originally thought she had gotten into poison ivy or something. Boy we were wrong. It was

bed bug bites. About 30-40 total.. The thought of them crawling on my daughter just makes me ill. Now I found out 2 weeks later we could have brought eggs home on our luggage, so we now are pesticiding or home and placing vinyl mattress covers on our beds to help prevent any outbreaks. We are a very clean household, and this just makes me very upset that these hotels are not made to stand up to a standard condition. Upset Mother

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