Days Inn Columbus Fairgrounds
1700 Clara Ave
Columbus, OH 43211

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November 21, 2015
Room 119 - bedbug infestation!! Put one in a cup and took it to the office! They wouldn't comp the room, but gave us a 10% discount! Lol!! No apologies either!

Found bed bugs on our sheets during the Goodguys car show. Other guests complained they had welts.

On August 26, 2011 a friend and I decided to check the room before setting our things down after watching a show on bed bugs. On both beds we saw the "evidence" from them as well as one bed bug, after seeing the first one we didn't bother to continue to look. The most disturbing part was when we told the check in clerk he did not seemed concerned at all. I can't remember the room number, but it was on the back side near the expressway. We did get a refund. We ended up staying at the Best Western

on Airporte Dr and it was very nice, no bugs!

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Spent the night. As we were packing the next morning, I found 2 bed bugs crawling on the sheets. Wasn't sure what they were until I got home and checked on the internet. Now what I thought was a wonderful weekend has turned into a nightmare. I don't think we brought any home with us, but I'll go nuts for the next few weeks trying to make sure.

This place was not very clean to begin with. Why I didn't check the sheets before we went to bed, I'll never know.

My husband and I made reservations here for June 10, 2011 as we were in town for the Ohio State Graduation. Prior to bringing our belongings into the room, we stripped the bedding to check for bedbugs (as we do at all hotels we stay in). Low and behold, there was an absurd amount of traces along the entire mattress. We promptly brought this to the attention of the front desk staff and demanded a refund, and spent the next hour searching for a hotel and paid that cost three times as much as mo

st of the hotels were completely booked for graduation. On our way home, we contacted Days Inn's corporate number and explained what had occurred. Almost a week later I was contacted by the manager of this Days Inn location, only to be told that they have a contract with an exterminator and will let them know. I am guessing this is their "policy". We asked for no additional reimbursement as we will NEVER stay at a Days Inn again!

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We stayed in Room 223 on Fri. Nov. 19th - 20th. We were there for the dog shows at the Fairgrounds and took our dogs. I felt something crawling on me and pulled the sheets down - bed bug. My husband woke up with over 50 bites and welts over his body. When we tried to check out (it was around 10:45 a.m.) nobody was in the office, so we had to leave our key. Wonder if they do this so people can't complain!? My husband was miserable and took Benadryl, used cortisone cream, and nothing would help t

he agonizing itching and pain. We went to the ER Sun. and he's on prednisone now. The welts are all over his body and the ER confirmed it was bed bugs. I have pictures of him - wish I took a picture of the bug, but didn't have my camera. We will definitely report this hotel. Wish I knew about this site before. I spent Saturday afternoon & evening and part of Sunday washing clothes and blankets our dogs slept on. Other people with dogs entered in the show stayed at the motel also. We only hope we don't have them in our house now! Time will tell. What a nightmare!

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Stayed here on 9-24-10. Found bed bugs the next morning. Yuck! Now we have all that cleaning, etc., to deal with.

Took a nap woke up and found bed bugs! we packs up they gave us a refund but not all the money now fighting with them to get the rest back!

Our softball team went down and stayed in the Days Inn in Columbus, on Clara Ave. WE all brought bedbugs home with us...worst ever..we have a lawsuit in the works to comp us please please please check After checking this site this motel is very POPULAR for bedbugs....NASTY

I encountered bedbugs here.

Bed bugs in room #106, persuaing action, if anyone can help please contact me

Days Inn Columbus
1700 Clara Street

We stayed at the Days Inn for a softball tournament. The four girls in my room brought bedbug larva/eggs to our homes. After contacting the Ohio Commerce, Fire Marshal the went and did a five room inspection yesterday. Our room was infested along with the other five rooms. They also found several other violations. The kicker was that the room we stayed in was treated twice in the 9 days prior, according to management. There are several other reports agains

this hotel dating back to early 2007. PLEASE dont stay at this hotel by any means. I have spent an ungodly amount of money and lost a large deal of my sanity as well. We are pursuing legal representation now. Please feel free to contact me is necessary.

After long discussions with the Health Department the gentle man said that he never takes any of his belongings in until they have thouroughly checked the room with a magnifying glass, they look for blood stains on the mattress, box springs, as well as live bugs, molting from the bugs or black stains, which are fecal matter, these are the hardest pest to get rid of please be cautious. They have been found in all kinds of hotels even FIVE STAR HOTELS!!!

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Went to the goodguys auto event at the fairgounds this week end had a great time stayed at the Days Inn fairgounds next door after the first night there I got up to shower and noticed bites on my arms and legs... once I got into the shower the warm water made the bites sting... I stopped the shower went directly to the bed and moved the pillow and found the bed to be covered with this discusing bug. I took the pillow with samples in it to the front dest and was told that they had just sprayed t

hat room for infestation of bed bugs that week.... I was so sick I wanted to vomit right then and there I had not only been bitten by these alful bugs but I had just stayed in a room over night with fumes from the spay.... what a night I am so afraid to sleep in public places now I am not finished with this hotel either they were very rude to me and the owner would not answer his phone

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