Comfort Inn North Columbus Hotel
1213 E Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH 43229

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well ive already wrote a review this is jessica again the hotel was comfort inn room 268 the manager was only trying to give me 10 to 25 percent of my money back for one night and my stay was for two nights. i would not acccept that the owner called me and awardwed me 50 percent back this ruined my boyfriends birthday this has been a persisting since 2008 so y havent they forked out the cash to really properly fix and treat the whole building how far does this hav to go for the quarintine. when

i called them a 5 am to tell them i was woken abruptly by being bite and they didnt even offer me a different room for the rest of my stay

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i stayed at the comfort holtel but it wasnt so comfortable my boyfreind and i came here for his birthday sept 13 and 14 2011 we were drinking and passed out when i woke i was in horror bites on my arms legs. so i awken my boyfriend and to his horror the same welp bite marks were on them i have spoken to other guests that were here that stayed previously that were bit and were here now workers at local stores around the holtel were
all aware of the problem when i told the front desk worker that

this particular hotel was on the internet being known for bedbugs he said i know non chalantly i started looking in the bed for any signs there were blood marks from them eating and the stool came out with it then i investigated a little more found a puddle of blood with a smashed clear bedbug my assumption is that it was still a baby

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Stayed there 10/10/09 thru 10/12/09. Bitten badly by bed bugs. Hands, arms, legs. They had a feast. Reported to management and they offered (after several calls) to refund one night. Do not recommend anyone returning there.

Stayed in this hotel while working at the Ohio State Fair. The group I was staying with had bed bugs in at least 4 of 18+ rooms. Rooms with positive beg bug sightings were 231, 233, 236, 237. I stayed in 231. We were there from July 31, 09 through August 7th.

Stayed November 14-17, 2008 and brought home bed bugs. Hotel reimbursed for the nights, but not without jumping through hoops. I can't remember the room, but it was in the 220s.


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