Best Value Inn Columbus North
4875 Sinclair Rd
Columbus, OH 43229-5402

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Best Value Inn
4105 Hamilton Square blvd
Groveport, Ohio 43215

Millions of Bed bugs in my room 318!!!! I talked to them and they said they think i'm wrong, What IDIOTS I took videos, and killed one and am keeping it!! I can not sleep and they refuse to do anything about it!!! I'm 7 months pregnant and exhausted, I have bites all over my body!!! I'm itching and can not rest, this is sooooooo emotionally overwhelming!!!!
I need my rest and can not lie down!!! I have no way

of leaving as I was dropped off and can not carry all my belongings as they are too heavy!!! WHAT DO I DO!!! IM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We stayed at America\'s Best Value for 3 nights, we were in room 242. It\'s a cheap hotel so we weren\'t surprised by the poor quality of the hotel room. The first night I noticed that I kept waking up itching, but didn\'t really think much of it. By the third night I had bites on every part of my body that wasn\'t covered in clothing. I have 2 on my face, 3 on my ear, 3 on my jaw line, 3 or 4 on my neck, 13 on my arms, and 9 on my lower legs. The itching is still driving me nuts and we sta

yed there 7 nights ago. My roommate slept in the other bed and she only got a few bites.

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