Livinn Suites
11385 Chester Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246-4002

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Found a bed bug in the sink (photo available if you want it) as soon as we arrived. We had only been in the hotel 5 minutes before we saw it, googled bed bugs, and then freaked out a little bit. We took the sheets off the bed, just on one corner. We were too squeamish to check the whole bed but we didn't see any signs of others. We were refunded and we left immediately.

June 2, 2011

I was just getting ready to lay my baby back down after a 4 am feeding when I noticed a bed bug crawling away from us. Needless to say, we didn't stay long after that. We packed up and hit the road. When reporting it to the front desk, I was jet given the card with the managers name.

So gross.

April 16th 2011 I found a bug crawling on me...we checked under the mattress and found 2 bug traps under it..we were in room 144 I packed up all our stuff and demanded a refund which I did receive and went across the street to the Crowne Plaza..I would not recommend anybody stay at the LivInn Sharonsville!!!

July, 2009. The wife had several bedbug bites in a classic bedbug bite pattern.

It was utterly gross and disgusting. The wife called the local health department. We put all our clothes through the dryer when we got home.

I can't tell you how filthy we felt.

On the night of June 26, 2010, I checked into this hotel. I was given room 355. I drifted off to sleep at a little after midnight. When I woke up almost an hour later, I discovered bed bugs in the bed with me. I had been bitten multiple times on my left arm, the left side of my neck and on my back. When I got out of bed, there was a smear of blood on the fitted sheet. I called the front desk and told the front desk agent. I stated that I was checking out and wanted the cost of the room re

funded. He nonchalantly stated that he wasn't allowed to give refunds (only the manager could do that). I promptly gathered up my belongings, took a brief video and pictures of the bugs crawling on the bed, called the health department to file a report and checked out of the hotel.

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