Hollywood Court Motel
10599 Reading Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241-2524

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On 10/23/10 me and my husband checked in room 2 of this hotel at 7 am the next mornin my husband woke up complaining he cant sleep because he keeps itching lookin closer i saw he had atleast 30 bites all over his body we immediately pulled back the cover and i seen one on the sheet we reported it to the office and demanded a refund the management was term rude and said she wanted us to prove it and accused us of tryin to get a free night she came to our room and asked why didnt we kill it sinc

e it wasnt on top of the sheet anymore so we lifted up the mattress and there were a bunch of them underneath she brought us our money and said we needed to leave now this is the worst experience i have ever had in my life and this hotel needs to be shut down

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