Hilton Garden Inn
5300 Cornell Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Found 2 reports:

Checked in 1/5/14 to room 323. Discovered bugs on both beds. When Manager came to bring me a key to move to another room during the night, he confirmed (asked to see and I was easily able to find one to show him).

Note that this room is very close to the two mentioned in the report below.

I am now in a room on the second floor which so far looks clear.

On August 5th we arrived and entered our room at 9 pm. We showered and almost immediately went to bed. When we woke up the next morning, August 6th, we both had bites all over our legs. The bites appeared in clusters of three and were extremely itchy. Due to the recent bed bug outbreak we immediately looked on the sheets and noticed many tiny and redish dots. This is a huge indicator of bed bugs. We looked for about ten minutes and were unable to find an adult bug but wanted to get out of the r

oom as soon as possible. We packed up our belongings and headed home immediately. When I arrived home at 9 am I went straight to my doctor who informed me that, indeed, my bites resembled that of bed bugs. Now we have all of our belongings bagged up and sealed off. I am disgusted and now cannot access my belongings for days! We stayed on the second floor, BEWARE!!

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