Garfield Suites Hotel
Garfield Pl At Vine St
Cincinnati, OH

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Bedbugs come in an array of colours, from full-of-blood maroonish red, to a half-dead, dried-out form of off-whitish. They come in a variety of sizes, from little teensy-weensy balls with legs, to bigger and bigger. They can live for at least a year without having to 'feed'.

They are nigh unto impossible to get rid of. The fumigation insecticides we have in north american, since DDT is no longer appropriate to use, don't kill them at all.

There was a story about 'bedbugs' in an apart

ment block; and a Pakistani mother brought an insecticide back from Pakistan to fumigate her apartment, and two of her five children died from the chemical. Two vacationing young ladies from a major city in north america went to Bangladesh for a holiday, stayed in a hotel, and died there -- the hotel had bedbugs, had fumigated the rooms, AND, the young 20-somethings died from the chemical. We read the hotel had actually finally been burned down because they could NOT get rid of the bed bugs.

So, if you encounter a bed bug. Have great respect for it. It can find a way to go home with you you'd just never believe. If you've stayed in a hotel with them, when you get home, you undress outside your house [ie a garage], and walk in naked. Leave everything OUTSIDE the house. Fumigate it the suitcases, put all your clothes into a drier for more than one cycle -- extreme heat kills them. Washing doesn't kill them. Consistent, daily spraying with Bleach might. Remind yourself of all the campfire songs you sang as a kid, about 'kicking bedbugs blue with your shoe' etc. And just patiently, persistently, vigilantly, 'outfox' them -- after all, they're just bedbugs!!

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We stayed at the Cincinnati Garfield Suites on August 1, 2015 to enjoy a Reds game.
Upon awakening in the morning my wife noticed she had a half dozen bite marks on her leg.
Naturally we became concerned! Bed bugs?.
At checkout we informed the manager of the bites as well as the overall "dirty" condition of the room.
He apologized and offered to buy us breakfast....lmao!
We declined, left and now have the fear of possibly transporting them to our home.
DO NOT STAY THERE is our recommendat

I will try to follow up Monday with Garfield Suites and possibly the Cincinnati Board of Health.

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We were in a 2 bdrm suite. My husband and grandson in one room, my brother-in-law in the other. They had been in bed for about 2-3 hours. When my sister and I were going to bed, she yelled for me to look at a bug on their bed. I killed it, it was full of blood. Then we looked there was one on his back and several crawling around under the covers. I ran to the room that my husband and grandson were in. I immediately saw one crawling from under my grandson. We got up and fled out of there. We're d

riving and wondering what we should do? Ditch our luggage and everything in it! That would be an expensive loss! But our suit cases were on the floor, opened! What a mess!

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I stayed at the Garfield Suites on February 16, 2015. I woke up in the middle of the night and when I turned on the light, there as plain as day was a bed bug on the sheet.

Stayed here November 22, 2014. I woke up and went to bathroom. Stood up, looked in the mirror & there was a bed bug on my shirt.

In October of 2013, I attended a bachelor party in the Benjamin Harrison Suite on the 16th floor. The hotel supplied a rollaway bed for me to sleep in. The next morning, I had 2 bites on my back, and 8 bites on my hands, most of them in the telltale pairs. I hope they fix the problem, because the 16th floor suites were really very nice.

Bedbugs are not off white

Stayed at hotel and got bed bugs. They came home as an off white bug (did not know anything about bed bugs at the time). Horrible situation, very expensive to get rid of.

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