Koa Campgrounds
7796 Wellbaum Rd
Brookville, OH 45309-9214

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In September, 2012 we stayed in one of the cabins at this campground. During the night and the next morning we saw numerous bugs, but did not know at the time that they were bed bugs. I noticed at the time that the mattresses on the beds were encased in thick plastic covers which I now know are to deter bed bugs. About 3 months later at home we began seeing them in our bed. After 2 exterminators, burning all of our bed clothes,etc., spraying multiple bottles of alcohol on a weekly basis, and

almost a year later, we believe we are bug free. We know that is where we got them because that was the only trip we took or place we stayed outside our home in 2012. Thank you for having a place for me to report this.

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