Residence Inn Cincinnati Blue Ash
11401 Reed Hartman Hwy
Blue Ash, OH

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This is a response to the above report concerning bed bugs at the Residence Inn Cincinnati Blue Ash. While we feel horrible that the guests reporting this issue were inconvenienced during their stay with us, we had Ecolab Pest Elimination scrutinize the room thoroughly for the presence of bed bugs. At no point did they find reminants or any indication that this issue exsisted. We are unsure what the substance was on the bed that the guest is reporting as upon inspection of the room the mornin

g after, nothing was detected. We apologize for the inconvenience but are confident that the issue was not bed bug related.

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I had made reservations between May 1st - 5th, at the Residence Inn in Blue Ash, on Reed Hartman.
Didn't even think about checking for bedbugs on the first night...
The second evening, I had my legs up on the couch and found out I had 12 bites on a leg! I did not see anything on the red couch. Then, I ran to the bed and saw some minuscule black "dots" on the white bed spread as well as on the bed sheets.

After telling the front desk about the situation, where they took the matter serio

usly, they offered another room. I said I would rather change hotel. They called another branch of the Marriott and made reservations for me.

I packed all my belongings in plastic bags and moved to the next place where no bedbugs were found.

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