701 E Genesee St
Syracuse, NY 13210-1505

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First, this address IS NOT a Renaissance Hotel as reported here on the bedbug registry. This IS A Crown Plaza! We stayed here on Thursday July 28th of 2011. We woke up on the morning of July 29th and as we where getting ready to leave noticed something on the headboard. It was a bedbug! We contacted the manager of the hotel who sent the Director of Operations to our room. He confirmed the "yes" this was indeed a bedbug and he confirmed this with the hotel manager. The hotel manager never e

ven came to speak with us. We had to fight to get our room comped and we had to throw away thousands of dollars worth of clothing and luggage away to ensure we did not bring anything home from this horrible hotel. I would NEVER stay at this hotel again and I would strongly suggest you don't either. They had an exterminator waiting to come into our room once the bedbugs where confirmed by the Director of Operations so I asked if they planned to exterminate the entire hotel. He said "no" only this room as the walls are concrete. I've done a lot of research on this since our horrible experience and this does not matter and they should have exterminated the entire place. Terrible terrible place! Do not risk staying here!

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