Parkview Hotel
713 E Genesee St
Syracuse, NY 13210-1505

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I stayed at the Parkview Hotel the night of December 14th. In the morning as I was preparing to check out, I saw a bedbug on the comforter of my bed. I caught the bug in a sandwich bag and called housekeeping. A maid was sent to the room to collect the bug and do whatever they do in this situation. The manager gave me a discount on the room (half price). The next day, the bites appeared all over my left arm. They swelled so badly that I had to get a prescription for steroidal skin cream from my

doctor. Add that to the cost of throwing away my suitcase and laundering all of my clothing twice, and half-off the room didn't even come close to what it cost me to deal with their negligence. I posted about the experience on tripadvisor, and the management denied it.

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