Hampton Inn
1120 South Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314

Found 4 reports:

Found a live bed bug on my bed in room 305 9/30/2012

Stayed a few nights in room 314 at the beginning of Dec. 2011. A week later found a lot of typical bite marks on my arm. I wonder if I brought any back home; luckily have not unpacked yet my suitcase.

Stayed for a week 2/14/11 through 2/18/11 and had no sign of bedbugs. Stayed in room 604 and checked mattresses and furniture.

No issues in my room at least.

Well pretty much room 613 was infested with the bugs there was no lie over 100s of bedbugs on each bed and in the lamp picture frame night stand the employees threw out everything and exterminated but guess what another guest reported bedbugs in this room a couple of days ago and the room is still out of order
Be Carefull people bedbugs are all over check everything in the room before you get comfortable !!!!!!

No nearby bug reports