Gateway Motel
260 Maple Ave
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1806

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please someone shut this place down it the worse place i ever seen and been in its a shame that here the in U.S that we have these foreigners come here set up shop and treat people like crap ..the owner is disgusting and anything to do to shut this place down please do. i feather sleep outside in a box would be cleaner.

This place is a horror story in the making I went and stayed here cause of a flood at my home and social services was so kind to put me up here for one night until the place i rented was available I am in no way shape or form on social services but given the situation they helped me one time ..I had my daughters with me ..we went to sleep in this horror of a room that smelled like mold and mustiness I am not sure from what ...there was black mold in the closet and I was mortified daughters

in the morning were covered with bites everywhere that there clothing was not covering..I said something to the women about 3 in the morning there was an argument between two drug addicts about the amount of drugs the one paid for and the other one had given them..I do not think that my teenage daughters needed to hear about the amount of crack someone was or was not given ..this place rents rooms to people and does not care what they are or who they are..I then again ended up having to return the money for the one night stay in this fine establishment in the cost of 145 dollars for the one night had i known they were going to pay that price i would have gone to a better hotel although social services says this and only a few others will take their money ,,imagine I dont wonder why ,,social services pays for the housing of drug addicts and bed bugs all in the same and the homeless as well

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Watch out! Echo skeletons in crevices of the mattress in room 12. Seriously, the place should be condemned. Think twice about letting the owner know. She will scream and yell at you and let you know your place. I was told to shut up hopefully she will think twice after my visit.

Haha you obviously are the owner or someone related to the owner. Hopefully you're out of business by now, unsuspecting travelers can only hope.

y'all got a free room and a story to tell, in addition to possibly (unintentionally) infesting the hotel. It can happen. I know that when I brought my ant farm to a hotel it accidentally spilled all over and the ants all escaped and I didn't get nothing.

We stayed here because we were forced to Friday night (8/28/10) after seeing a concert. Every other place was booked. At first we were like, "$95 for this?!?! Oh well, let's make the best of it!" Despite the disgustingness of the place, at least the A/C worked and the shower had hot water. We were basically satisfied. UNTIL...

4:30am. We were asleep maybe three hours. I woke up ITCHING (at first it was in my dreams, I was literally scratching my hands in my dreams!) and COVERED in 50+ bites.

This is no exaggeration. I've counted every single bite (this was two days ago) on my arms and legs and it's over 50 bites. I have photos. In retrospect, I should've taken pictures of the...

BUGS ALL OVER THE MATTRESS. Yes, after I woke up, I pulled back the sheet in horror and saw maybe 4-5 (maybe more? I forget, SEVERAL though) bedbugs crawling on the mattress. This was not just a LIGHT infestation, folks. This was a major, maaaaajor infestation. No way they could have NOT known about this. Somehow, my friend was not nearly as badly bitten as me, only had maybe 10 bites. Lucky.

Well, needless to say, we left at 4:30 in the morning and drove all the way to Albany, the nearest place with a hotel with any vacancies. The owner hastily gave us our money back and (can you believe it?!) was shocked by my "shouting" and for being upset.

These last few days have been horrible. My arms are itching like CRAZY and let's just pray I haven't brought bedbugs back to my house (I shook everything out thoroughly before we left, but you never know!). My index finger is swollen to the point where I can't even bend it all the way.

So I called back the Gateway out of frustration just now, just to complain to the owner about my situation, hoping for some sympathy and an apology (since we didn't get one Friday night). I (calmly, this time) started to explain the situation...I said, "I have over 50 bites on my arms and legs, I've been itching non-stop since our VERY SHORT stay in your room, and I just want you to know--" and before I could finish my sentence, she...GET READY FOLKS...says "you brought them here, we don't have bedbugs!" and hangs up.


Now I just want them OUT OF BUSINESS as SOON AS POSSIBLE. I can't believe I even SORT of sympathized with their situation that night. I thought, gee, it must be hard on these people, they probably don't even have the money to get rid of these things, and no one will stay there because it's so horrible...well, ALL SYMPATHY IS LOST. Hence me writing this review.

First of all, anyone could walk into that room (not sure about the others, but I'm sure this was not the ONLY room I said, this wasn't exactly a "minor" have 50+ bites in less than three hours of sleep??? WHAT) today and tell that these bugs have been here for MUCH longer than the time we were there, which was not even one night. They had made quite a happy home for themselves there, probably feasting on guests for the past year or more. BEWARE. STAY AWAY. 'Nuff said.

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