Comfort Inn & Suites Saratoga Springs
17 Old Gick Rd
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-9450

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Stayed one night Oct 15, 2011. Awoke with five red bites. Beware of bed bugs!

Staying in room 229 on Sat June 18th. Up late. When we turned downt the beds discovered oval shaped brownish red bug crawling on sheet. Pulled back covers and shook off pillow cases to find 4-5 more bugs in each bed. Called front desk. Woman came up and had pictures on her cell phone which matched the bed bud which I had crushed in kleenix. She inspected the beds with us and agreed it was bed bugs. Moved us to another room which we inspected together. It's 4 am and we are putting together our

clothes to have them laundered by the hotel. Have not spoken to a manager yet.

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