Holiday Inn Rochester Airport, Rochester
911 Brooks Ave, Rochester, Ny
Rochester, NY

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My 4 children and I stayed October 2 thru 4 2015. I was in one bed bed with my niece my felt a sharp pinch on my left arm I jumped and look at my arm the there was a bite on my arm. I look a round the bed and under the pillow was a black bug. I was disgusted. Ghis was the first time I saw one of the bugs. I picked the bed bug up an took it to the bathroom and put it in a plastic bag. I then called the front desk and told hem there are bed bugs in this room. She moved me and the kids to another

room it was 1:20AM crazy. I did not want to stay after that sighting and never will again. I took the bag with bug to the front desk. The clerk was nonchalant. told me some one call me in the morning no one did. Not good customer service. Not a happy campers

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We stayed there 10/17-10/19 and both night woke up to bed bugs on my pillow. I was traveling with 2 small children and was very concerned the point where I stripped the beds and checked the ribbing on the mattresses. The first night I could not sleep , was tossing and turning well into the early morning. I turned over to check on the kids and my pillow had a very large engorged beetle looking thing on it .I grabbed it in my hand and ran to the restroom to inspect it and it had exploded in m

y hand leaving a literal pile of blood . This thing had just gorged itself on me and or my children !! DISGUSTING

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