Econo Lodge Airport North Syracuse
5396 S Bay Rd
North Syracuse, NY 13212-3837

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The night of April 14, 2014, not being able to sleep aroun 1 a.m. I was reading with my flashlight so as not to disturb my partner when I saw a tiny bug out of the corner of my eye. I killed it then and found an adult bed bug between the pillows full of blood. At that point I started looking to see if there were others and noticed the white strip of pesticide around the edge of the room behind the bed and along the edge of the bed. If I hadn't been so tired the night before I would have notic

ed that.
Don't go there, its a bad place. I handed the bug over to the man at the desk, he just smiled so I was certain he knew about this.
I took photos as proof.

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August 28, 2013

Stayed in room 204 (possibly 205), I woke up at 6am to find bites all over left arm, I marched to office and showed owner/manger and threatened to make a scene if I did not get a refund. Refund was given without a fuss.

I also asked where laundry room was, I marched there next and put all my clothes in the dryer, then did same with my bags.

Throughout the day I discovered that I was bitten all over, easily over 100 bites! Some turned into large welts. This place is inf


I see now from this site that this is not an isolted case.

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Stayed in Room 206. sister woke up to numerous bites. Front desk changed our room to 210. More bed bugs found 1 hour later: even after we searched the beds in new room. Owner acted like he could care less. Checked out with full refund at 3:00 am and slept in the car after bagging up everything. Had to wash everything on the sanitize cycle to just be sure. We also notified the local public health dept as the owner was so casual about the whole thing. They agreed to send an inspector that


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Last July 11th, we found a bed bug in one of the bed (room 210). We then contacted the office and they offer 2 options:

- go and get a refund; or
- get an upgrade.

It seemed like business as usual for the employee.

We got out immediatly.

On May 25, 2013 we stayed in room 206. We did a bed bug check before turning in and didn't notice anything. Boy were we wrong. Woke up this morning to a number of them in both double beds. Under the pillows and in the sheets. Disgusting! This is our first experience with bed bugs and it doesn't feel good. Feels like I need another shower and I will be cleaning every piece of cloth I brought in the room with real hot water. Don't stay here.....I never will again.

Oh and by the way...the room h

ad blood on the sheets, pretzels on the floor and the front desk employee was very tired because of a double shift and charged my card 3 times for the one night.

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Woke up 1:30 am on 20 Oct 2012 with a burning on hand, finger, and arm. Turned on light and looked for spider or mosquito and found disgusting bug under pillow full of my blood. Searched net and confirmed it is a bedbug. Now my bites are swelling and have silver dollar plus-sized reddness surrounding bites. No way to sleep now!

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