Budget Host Inn Niagara Falls
6621 Niagara Falls Blvd
Niagara Falls, NY

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I just found out about this website so my encounter is actually from two winters ago. November 2011. My mother and I went on a cross border shopping trip and stayed here due to its close proximity to all our shopping centers. the rooms were clean but we did notice a musty odour. We entered the room late in the evening and got ready for bed. After turning out the lights my stomach was bothering me so I got up to take an antacid and when I turned on the light I noticed something crawling on my

mothers face and then I pulled my covers back and a bunch of tiny bugs ran to the end of my bed and disappeared. My mom and I ran screaming into the parking lot in our pj's. we went to the office to tell them the hotel room was infested and we want our money back they said there are no bugs. My mother went back to the room and caught the last lonely bed bug making its escape into a water bottle. she brought it to the front desk and they said they would give us a portion of our money back because they will have to pay housekeeping to go and remake our beds so they can rent the room out to someone else. It made me sink to think of all the families we saw going into their rooms that night. We had to throw away our luggage and clothes we were so worried about bringing the bugs home with us. We ended up driving to Buffalo and staying at a high end hotel. To this day if I smell must in a room I run and I will never stay at a hotel that cannot afford to renovate and eliminate a bug infestation.

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