White House Hotel LLC
340 Bowery
New York, NY

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This happened in June of 2011. I was staying on the second floor and came back from having a shower, glanced down at my bed at just the right moment to see a bed bug crawling across the pillow. I had checked the bed earlier for bed bugs, since NYC has such a big problem, and didn't find any telltale signs (excrement, blood spots, actual bugs), so I'm not sure if the bed bug was staying in my room or just happened to come in via bed sheets or the room over. I reported the problem and got a differ

ent room on a different floor and did not find any bugs there.

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Stayed August 08. This place is a dump, the worst hostel i've ever stayed at. I saw a bed bug crawling across my stall bed. Didn't know what it was at the time, was informed about the problem there by a near by homeless person. STAY AWAY!

OMFG this place is a bedbug breeding ground the city health department should shut this place down and make them clean with disinfectant with bleach and buy new everything!
Run do not walk away from this place!!!!

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