West Side YMCA
5 W 63rd St
New York, NY

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I stayed at West Side YMCA for four nights (December 2014, room no.859). The room looked dirty with a view over a run down patio. After two days, I noticed bedbug bites on my body, and the bites got very big (about 1.5 inch each) with a lot of pain and inflammation. The hotel director changed the room for us to another floor which was renovated, but the morning after I had more bites which either we carried from the other room or the new room was also infected.

Stayed 4 nights at Westside YMCA. I did not recognize the bits the first night. by the second night I realized the room was infested. I got over a dozen bits all over my body. I didn't want to cause a panic for the hotel/hostel so gave a hand written note to the front desk. While they moved my room. They did not offer any apology or refund or reimbursement for cleaning my clothes. I threw all my clothes and luggage out before returning home. They tried to imply that I brought the bugs with me

. asking "did I take a bus or train to get to nyc?" they did not move people in adjacent rooms.

the lack of concern was overwhelming. the cost of staying economical ruined my vacation, I threw out clothes and luggage, and will probably have doctor bills and medication to clear up welts all over my body

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Stayed two nights in October. Room and bathrooms were clean. No bugs.

Aug 1, stayed for 2 weeks. By the third night I was bitten on my arms, neck and face, in the typical 2 to 3 bite pattern. Located a BB by my pillow the next day and killed it. Advised staff who did nothing for the first 9 days. Finally was moved to another room. Doubled bag all of my clothes, threw away a brand new 2 piece luggage set. Major expenses on dry cleaning, new luggage to get home. Still waiting for refund from the Y.

Stayed here in March. Came home with bites and bug.

Found one crawling up my leg when I was staying here... disgusting.

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