West End Studios Hotel
850 W End Ave
New York, NY

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I stayed in this hotel/hostel in August 2006 and got dozens of bites. I hope the hotel has renovated, but I wouldn't take a chance. It was cheap, but I definitely got much more than I bargained for.

We stayed there last year in September. The hostel or hotel...whatever it was, it was really dirty and bed bugs were all over the place. just at night of course. we didn't know about them at first, but after staying 2 weeks there, i came out of there with almost 100 bites on my body!!! it was hell! i don't really remember the hotel room but i know it was in the 7th floor. but not just our room was infested but people from the 3rd and 4th floor were telling us about them too. there were so many

complaints about bed bugs but the staff didn't do anything against them. i even wanted to sleep in the basement but i was not allowed to. horrible experience. i am so glad that the bites are gone now. but it took over 2 months to get rid of the bedbug bites...

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