W New York Hotel
541 Lexington Ave
New York, NY

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I stayed with a friend here from 08/28/2014 - 09/01/2014 on the 5th floor. After one night my friend had been itchy, she lifted off the sheets and there was bed bugs all over the matress. W Hotel DID respond and say they have had issues in the past, however, with all of the complaints ranging in date on this website - they clearly do not have this problem under control.

Stayed in the suite on the 14th floor from Thursday 8/14/2014 until Sunday 8/17/2014. Eaten alive by bed bugs. Have picture and evidence. Reported to New York Health Commissioner and Starwood Corporate.

I stayed at the W hotel for 2 nights and after the 1st night it was non stop itching the whole day. We checked out of the hotel and moved to another hotel because it was unbearable. The itching just did not go away. It is horrible to think that now I have to disinfect all my clothing and my suitcase before I get home. It's crazy that a hotel of of such high caliber as the W doesn't have this situation under control. WILL NEVER STAY HERE AGAIN!!!

Two of my colleagues stayed here (went nowhere else) and they BOTH had bed bugs. They even took time out of their business trip to go to the CityMD clinic to find out definitively if they were in fact bed bugs. Needless to say, the doctor confirmed it.

Upon confronting the Hotel about it, my two colleagues were made fools of my being forced to wait for the inspector (a W Hotel employee) went to search the room for these creatures. Seeing how this person was in no way an unbiased 3rd party, i

t is no surprise that they found "no sign of bed bugs in the room". Unbelievable. This is a bad way to do business. The chances of two people catching bed bugs the same day are very slim, however when those two people were only on ONE place together, it's pretty easy to figure out where they bed bugs came from.

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I stayed here for 4 days and 4 nights. The first night was good. After making my bed the following morning my whole room was imfested wit them little critters. I been bitten for the rest if my stay. Beware!!!!!

Stayed this past weekend of March 1-3, 2013 in rm 1644 and no issues. It was a great stay. But I'm very paranoid about bed bugs so i check everything.

Stated ere on jan 24-27th. Bites all over my ankles... Blood marks on the mattress too. Totally freaked out

Don't stay here

Stayed at this hotel over fashion week sept 12', and have 5 itchy bites on one hand alone! I made an appointment with a dermatologist today, and he confirmed that I defiantly had bed bugs. Not taking any chances, replacing my mattress and all bedding tomorrow. Don't stay here,

Stayed at this hotel from July 27-29, 2012. Definitely had bed bugs. Woke up with about 15 bites on my ankles, and there are still bites appearing on my legs over a week later. DON'T STAY HERE!

My husband and I stayed there 3 years in a row 3 different rooms, for 6 days each time during the month of march. No BB's at all. We were there 2008, 2009 and 2010. Nothing but a pleasant experience from the accommodations to the wonderful staff and other guests staying there. I'll be back this year and every year.

I stayed at this hotel for one night on November 23. There were no bedbugs (Believe me, I searched!) and my stay was perfect in every way. I highly recommend this hotel!

stayed Dec 3 -5,2011 both my sister who slept in the bed and myself in the rollaway bed left with red bites on backs of our legs.
Itchy and annoying. Definitely NOT happy - will not stay there or at a W in NYC again.

stayed at the w on 4-26-11 checked for bedbugs and saw none no bites no issues.

I stayed at this hotel in March of 2011. Since then i have bed bugs at my home. I did not stay at any other place except for that hotel and I am pretty sure i braught it from there.

stayed in W Hotel at Lexington street from 21 November. Couldn't sleep because of the bed bugs! it was something terrible.

Called the hotel from work to complain the next day and couldn't get through to anyone! it is so annoying! Very bad experience.

11/13/10 - 11/15/10
Stayed at the W Hotel and I did not find one bed bug. I searched high and low because I was so freaked out about this. We had other problems with the room but nothing to do with bed bugs.

Stayed for 3 nites Nov 6-9, looked high and low and no bugs to be found (I looked!!).

The four reports by the hotel below to cover themselves up are pathetic.

Stayed 20-31.10 - no bed bugs

Stayed at this hotel in room 648 10/23/10 and no bed bug problems at all!

We stayed at the W 10/15 and 10/16, no problems at all!

Went to bed with clean white sheets, woke up with black pellets in the bed. There were not that many and most were around the middle of the bed, and under the pillow.

In the middle of the night, I felt around under the pillow and seemed to rub something, but went back to bed. In the morning, it looked like I squished a bed bug - orange like stain from the guts.

Either way, i kept my bags far from the bed so they would not get a free ride back to CA.

Oh, and it didn't seem that I had a

ny notable "bites" - not sure why but maybe I wasn't that tasty.

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Pretty sure I got BB at this hotel when I was there in March. Only hotel I have been in this year and since that stay, had bites (like hives) and did learn from pest control company I had brought them home and they were in my bed (bag placed under bed). No way to prove it though. Just be aware always! I will never look at a hotel room the same.

If you pull down the creases of the mattress you can see them....surrounding stores have been closed for outbreaks!

Colleague is currently staying at the W and found bed bugs. Sun 9/19/2010.

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