Union Square Inn
209 E 14th St
New York, NY

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I stayed in room 507 from March 12th, 2008-March 16th, 2008.
The room appeared to be clean, although I didn't check bedding or even know about the bed bug problem in NY when I arrived.
The day I checked out I noticed red welts on my face.
About a day after my return home, I woke up itching my wrists and hands.
That day I developed/noticed about a hundred itchy welts following the pattern of bed bug bites over mostly my upper torso: chest, back, arms, hands, neck, face, lower legs. My feet w

ere not affected as I wore socks all the nights of my stay.
This was the most horrible hotel experience I've ever had anywhere.
I contacted the hotel and they denied the existence of the bugs.

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