Travel Inn
515 W 42nd St
New York, NY

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We stayed at this hotel for five days in a beautiful suite with a wonderful view of the bustling streets of New York City. The staff is extremely friendly and there were absolutely NO problems with any bed bugs, whatsoever. I would definitely recommend this hotel; it is extremely close to Time Square too.

We stayed in the hotel for four nights. It was clean. No problems.

Nous avons séjourné à l'hôtel à la fin avril 2012. En sortant de la douche, il y avait une grosse coquerelle sur le plancher.Niys avons appelé le front desk. Quelqu'un est venu la chercher. Nous avons eu un dédommagement en argent.
We stayed at the hotel the end of April. We found a cockroach on the bathroom floor.

Nous avons séjourné à cet hôtel du 18 au 21 mai dernier. La chambre était très propre. Les matelas étaient neufs et sans aucune trace de bestiole.

We stayed at this hotel from 18 to 21 May. The room was very clean. The mattresses were new and without any trace of beast.

Stayed there from 1/4/12-1/10/12 in room 725 and had absolutely nothing to complain about. NO BEDBUGS, very clean and for about a hundred bucks per night in a 2 doublebed room so close to times square, really a great deal! I can only recommend it. Only 'negative' thing: staff is not per se unfriendly but just simply doesn't seem to give a sh*t about anything. Which was good because that way two friends from boston could sleep on the floor for free while joining us for the weekend, staff didn't e

ven notice.

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Stayed @ Travel Inn 10/15/2011 to 10/17/201
Had a great stay. Clean room no bedbugs.very happy with the hotel and location.

Stayed at the Travel Inn Columbus Day weekend 2010, for three nights March 2011 and three nights June 2011. NO BEDBUGS any of those times! We pulled up every sheet, checked the seams of the matresses, box springs and pillows. Everything was clean, with no bugs.

With the infestation of NYC, it is possible for a guest to transport bedbugs from the theater or a store back to the hotel room, so we'll continue to check during each visit, but the management at the Travel Inn appears to be right

on top of any issues that may arise.

P.S. I noticed a couple of people on here said they slept on the chairs because they were so afraid of bedbugs- Though they are called 'bedbugs', they're not only on the bed and if the room has them they'll be on the chairs, curtains, your suitcases. Any fabric, especially around the seems. Sleeping on a chair will NOT help!

When we arrive, my family puts our luggage in the tub/bathroom (some of the bathrooms at Travel Inn are pretty tiny) and do a detailed check of the room. I recommend that to anyone.

The first two times we stayed after summer 2010 infestation of NYC, we also brough plastic pillow and mattress covers but later determined it was unnecessary.

I'll be going back to NYC in the fall and will again stay at The Travel Inn.

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My family and I stayed at the Travel Inn on 42nd Street 4/17/11 to 4/19/11 and there was NO problems or bedbugs to reports. When we arrived I was nervous and stipped the beds down right to the mattress. I had my husband lift the mattress up and over and checked everything right down to the pillows. The beds and bedding were clean. They looked brand new! In fact the whole room and the hotel was spotless!! I was so happy! It was my daughters birthday and my husbands first time in NY and I ha

ve to report that everything went great with the hotel and our stay in NY. I will stay there again and recommend it to family and friends. The price was so right and just out the door to Time Square. And of course you can not beat the FREE PArking (yes I said FREE) at the hotel. When we checked out in the morning they let us keep the car in their lot until 3pm. Hopefully this hotel and others in NY will not have that out break of bedbugs again, like last year. Again, happy to report that this hotel was great!

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my daughter, granddaughter and i checked in on Friday, Jan. 28th. After walking around most of the evening and going various places we got back to the hotel room to go to bed. No sooner had i gotten into bed i felt itchy on my foot and pushed the quilt down because it was too heavy. Then I pulled the sheet down and there was a brown bedbug. Of course I jumped right out of bed and now we were all scared especially my granddaughter. I called the front desk and told the guy there was a bug in

my bed and he said was it there before??? how the heck would I know. it was under the sheet and i was in bed. he had someone come up to look and the guy shook his head yes, it was a bedbug:((( now he calls the manager and he tells me what room to switch us to. We go to that room which was all the way around the other side of the building on another floor and he checked the bed while i was standing there. he said this room was ok, we just cleaned every corner??? don't you clean every corner of every room?? i said i will not be able to stay in this bed just because we changed rooms. now for two nights I slept in a chair with my clothes and boots on. my daughter slept in the other bed with my granddaughter but they were both scared but my granddaughter who is 8 would have gotten no sleep. when we checked out sunday morning after two nights of me sleeping in a chair they only credited me $50. I was so mad and everyone in the lobby heard my daughter say she was gonna knock on all the doors to tell people there are bedbugs. i did sign the receipt and paid them their money but I will NEVER GO BACK TO NYC if i have to stay overnight.

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We recently stayed at this hotel this past weekend and stayed in a room with two beds. Upon getting ready to go to sleep, my mother got into the one bed and felt something bite her on her foot. After getting out of bed and pulling the covers back, we noticed a small little black bed bug crawling around in her bed. We called the front desk and they sent someone up to verify and sure enough he stated it was a bed bug. They switched us to a different room, which we went in and checked beforehan

d to make sure the beds were ok, however, because of this incident my mother was too nervous to sleep in a bed all weekend there and ended up sleeping on the chair in the room. The hotel would not even reimburse my mother for a night of stay due to these circumstances. She was given a credit of $50 off the entire bill for the weekend. I would NOT stay here again, due to the bed bugs and the horrible customer service. We could not wait to pack up and leave on Sunday to go back home.

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We stayed Jan 15-16 and can happily report there were NO BED BUGS in our room.

Nous avons séjourné au Travel Inn du 28 novembre au 2 décembre, nous n'avions aucune punaise dans notre chambre (380) Nous étions 4 et aucun de nous n'a été victime de ces bestioles,les matelas et oreillers semblaient neufs.

We stayed at the Travel Inn from November 28 to December 2, we had no bugs in our room (380) We were 4 and none of us has been victim of these bugs, mattresses and pillows seemed new

No bedbugs! Very clean. Oct 17th-19th, 2010.

i stayed at the travel inn from 25th-31st oct 2010, and thoroughly searched my room for bugs upon arrival and daily thereafter. very pleased to say definately NO BEDBUGS or any other creepies in room 531!! fab room, fab hotel, will be staying there on my next trip!!

We stayed at this hotel weekend of October 16th, 2010 and were not bitten. I didn't notice any sign of bedbugs.

Stayed at the Travel Inn on 42nd St. over the Columbus Day weekend. Stayed on the third floor.

No bedbug issues at all.

Staying there again over Thanksgiving weekend- I'll be sure to provide an update at that time.

Had a great trip. Definitely not the Sheraton, but no bedbugs found.

I left this report under just the address but was so disgusted I wanted to make sure it was filed in the right place under HOTELS!

I hope noone else has to encounter this. BEWARE

Hotel room numbers 388, 387 and 380 3 other rooms as well. We had a family reunion scheduled there the weekend of July 30th.

We checked in but did not physically go to the room until after midnight. Because of the talk about bedbugs in NY we decided to check the beds. There it was in plain site under

the sheet attached to the mattress cover.

I called down to manager on duty and told him there were bedbugs. He did not question it he said I could switch rooms.
I went to knock on another family members door (they were sleeping) to alert them. As they turned on the lights a bedbug was crawling on their sleeping daughter.

The hotel security guard confirmed to myself and husband that they have bedbugs. His exact comment to my husband was "What do you want this is NY".

Needless to say we checked right out of this disgusting hotel.

DO NOT STAY. We had to wait until morning to inform several other family members but it was too late they already had bites on their faces and bodies.


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