The Gracie Inn
502 E 81st St
New York, NY 10028-7004

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June 2008 -- My sister booked us into the Gracie Inn for three nights beginning the night before I was having major surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Our suite included a kitchenette, livingroom area with futon, bedroom with twin beds, and an interesting bedroom upstairs with a sort of greenhouse side and a tub. But the whole suite looked kind of shabby and not too clean. We shared the room with two twin beds as we only had brought one alarm clock. We had to get up very early the next morning

so I could check into the hospital, and we noticed several odd, very flat bugs moving around in the bedroom. My sister grabbed one and scrunched it up in a tissue. While I was in surgery, she told someone else in the waiting room about the bugs, and the woman said they sounded just like bedbugs. Sure enough, my sister looked them up on a guest computer in the waiting room and that's what we had seen. My sister scurried back to the Gracie Inn, inspected our clothing and bags, presented the desk clerk with the bedbug in a tissue, and said we were checking out and weren't going to pay for the two more nights we had booked. He didn't argue, and didn't even charge her for the one night we had spent there. I was too out of it following the surgery to even have noticed if I had been bitten, and I never asked her if she had been. My sister had to spend two nights on the floor of a friend's apartment, until I was released and she could take me home. Luckily we never saw any evidence of having brought them home in our luggage. But for quite some time afterwards I worried that I might have unknowingly spread bedbugs to the hospital on the clothing I had worn there the morning of my surgery.

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Stay Away this place, it's dirty and infested. Worst experience i have ever had and we travel a lot.

My mother stayed this weekend and spent the night in the ER from bedbug bites, she also had to pay for medicine. The hotel only offered one night free and an extra day for free. She has had a very hard time finding out who owns it so she can write a letter to them, can anyone help?

We had a lot of bed bugs. When we told the manager and we showed our marks of the bed bug, he said we don't pay for one night and he gave us another room. From the tourists we heard that they had also bed bugs. The manager had solved that problem to give them our room.So he thought to solve two problems. We checked out and got a total refund of our 4 days stay. Of course they have this problem a long time already. Now I am in Holland and it looks of we take the bugs with us.

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