The GEM Hotel - Midtown West, an Ascend Collection Hotel
449 W 36th St
New York, NY 11224

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I was sitting on the bed watching TV and got up for a minute. When I turned around I found a nice fat bed bug crawling around the edge of the pillow. I had slept in the room the night before with no bites, so I am thinking the bed bug might have hitched a ride into the room when the cleaning staff came to tidy up.

Luckily I got out of the room before I got bitten, and the staff moved me to another room on a different floor. Checked the room REALLY well and I didn't see any signs of bed bugs.

Stayed the night, and no bites.

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I stayed at this hotel for 2 nights. The room had 2 double beds. I woke up the first morning with one large itchy bite on the back of my leg. I didn't really think much of it; thought maybe a mosquito got me. The next night I slept in the other bed and woke up scratching my hands and neck. All of these red swollen bites were all over my neck, arms, chest and hands. One bite on my face. I saw one of the bugs running up the wall by the head board. I thought it was a tick at first, but now t

hat I have seen what these insects look like online, it was definitely a bed bug. I complained at the front desk when I checked out, but they just said Sorry we'll clean the room. No credit, nothing. I should have known when I came back to the hotel that previous evening and saw 2 mattresses in the lobby area going out for trash. They obviously knew that this was a problem and weren't doing anything to accomodate their guests. I would never ever stay at any of this chain's hotels again. Its been 5 days and I look like I have some sort of skin disease with these large swollen red blotches all over me! Beware!!!

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May 24, 2011. I was bitten over 37 times at this hotel. I went to bed and with my wife but couldn't fall asleep due to being itchy. After 1 hour I got up and told my wife that I thought something had bitten me. I had one little bite on my hand and went back to bed. After another hour I woke up with a number of more bites. We took the duvet cover off and shook it out and noticed 3 little bugs on the bed. I called the front desk and got a new duvet cover and finally fell asleep because i was so ti

red. We woke up the next day and I had more bites. I took the mattress of the box spring and found 10 more bugs.

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