The Benjamin
125 E 50th St
New York, NY

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I was at the Benjamin from May 17-22 of 2014, was happy with the room except couldn't control the noise of the A/C. I was home for 2 days when I noticed my right thigh had developed 15 red raised , slightly itchy bumps, never encounterd anything like this, went to the Dr, and she said Bed bug bites!!, I feel so violated!! I don't think I'll ever stay in another hotel with checking the Registry for bed bugs

April 2013. I found blood stains on the bedding. There was a small bug in the room that at the this I did not recognize. I have returned home and there is the same little bug with my belongings. Looked it up on the computer. Sure enough it is a bed bug. I now recognize them! I am fanticly cleaning everything and will have to hire an exterminator.

I checked into the Benjamin Hotel on monday January 9th about 7 o'clock p.m.

I went to sleep and was awakened about 1:30 a.m. I began scratching. I turned on the light and found a bug crawling up the head board. I immediately went and got a tissue and retrieved the bug and put a glass over the tissue. I immediately notified the manager on duty. He came to my room within minutes with the security guard. He apologized profusely and offered to assist me getting another hotel room. I pac

ked my belongings and moved into their sister hotel up the street. I was bit on my shoulder and hand. I just came from an allergy doctor. It seems I am in that very small group in our population that is allergic to bed bug bites. I am suffering a severe reaction and in alot of pain. My doctor prescribed antibiotic and steroid. I'm waiting for the corporate office to get back to me know.

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