Swiss 1291 Hostel
337 W 55th St
New York, NY 10019-4501

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also had tons of bites from bed-bugs during my stay in this hostel. was second week of may 2009. horrible!!!

Swiss 1291 Hostel - Apartment 4C, Oct 15th to Oct 20th.

We did a general inspection of the sheets as we have had this problem before, but everything seemed ok. Woke up with a few bites after first night, but thought they were insect bites as we had the window open. After the second night we had tonnes of bites all over our bodies. Reported it to the office, but they could not place us in another room as it was fully booked. They got the exterminator in to spray the mattresses. That night, it

was fine, but the next night they returned again as we found them in the early morning when we were leaving for the airport. I suspect that they are living in the wooden frame of the bed, as the exterminator probably did not spray that.

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The room was apparently clean during my chek inn (6PM) But during the night I have saw many Bed bug in my room (on the wall, in the bed). Weekend in NewYork transform in nightmares. It was april th 10, 2008 at Swiss 1291 hostel in SkyRoom (no room number)

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