Soho Grand Hotel
310 W Broadway
New York, NY
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October 2014 Stayed at this hotel for a week. one morning woke up with multiple itchy bites around my ankles and legs. Many of the bites were in a linear pattern, as they say breakfast- lunch- dinner. When I reported this to the front desk they said they have never had a bed bug problem. They will have a third party investigate and exam the room which of course came back negative. Seems strange to have a third party on hand for a problem you never have. Front desk apologized and pro

mised to upgrade my next stay at the hotel. What does that mean, alligators
in the toilet? Needless to say all my clothes remain in plastic bags in the garage. Not a bad hotel if you don't mind the bugs.

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I stayed at the Soho Grand from March 18-22, 2014 and although I did not notice anything unusual during my stay I brought bed bugs back to my home in Houston and caused a major infestation. I found the infestation 4 months after my stay there and that is the right time frame that Terminex tells me they need to infest. I began having bites in May and see signs of bed bug "residue" on my sheets but saw bugs in July. 3 weeks later I am still trying to get rid of them even with professional help.

Stayed at this hotel 3 weeks ago and woke up with itchy bites all over my legs.

Do not stay here!!!

My husband and I spent one night at the Soho Grand hotel. When we arrived home that evening, I began noticing bites on my face and neck. They are extremely itchy and in a linear pattern. I am 100% certain these bites and bedbug bites that came from our hotel room.

I stayed at this hotel last week and I woke up with bites all over my legs, arms & neck. I immediately called the front desk and requested the manager. The manager dismissed my claim and told me they were from another hotel... yeah, like I just hop around day to day from hotel to hotel.. really??? i was shocked that they didn't have me clear the room so that they could immediately contain the issue. After all, if my room was infested with these bugs, were't the 5 rooms that shared walls, ceiling

& floor also affected? After my experience, I felt compelled to write a report with hopes that someone else does not fall victim to my experience at the SoHo Grand Hotel.

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I was here April 4-6 and did NOT see any bed bugs. Looking good!

Travelers can feel at ease when staying at the Soho Grand on 11/23/10

It goes without saying that we have always been committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of our guests. For many years we have had a meticulous preventative maintenance program in place that includes inspections by a licensed pest control company.

With the rise of bed bug claims in New York City, we proactively increased our efforts. Our pest control expert is in the Hotel three times a week to perform preventative

maintenance to ensure our Hotel is bed bug free. This includes inspection and protection of all guest rooms and public spaces. Each guestroom is individually treated on a quarterly basis. Twice monthly visits include canine inspections; dogs that are trained to detect activity in places unseen by the human eye, areas behind walls, baseboards and inside furniture. This makes our inspections more thorough and more accurate. In addition to this, inspections from trained hotel staff occur daily.

It is very important to us to communicate what we are doing and to put people’s worries at ease. With recent media frenzy, it is only natural that people are concerned -we are. That is why we have put these programs in place.

Readers should know that in this site’s FAQ’s section, they clearly state:

“How can you be sure these reports are true?
We can't - this is the Internet! All our bedbug reports are submitted through the site, and have not been vetted for accuracy. We do our best to flag posts that have been disputed, but we remind our readers to take things with a grain of salt.
Some reports are posted by malicious tenants. Some are posted by evil competitors. Some are posted by hypochondriacs.”

We have disputed each claim listed here. Our most recent inspection detected absolutely no trace of bedbugs. Additionally, all past claims have been negative as well.

If a claim is made, we have very specific steps that are taken; from treating the guests’ belongings, to bringing in canine support to inspect the given room. We guarantee no room will be sold without a clean bill of health from our certified pest control company.

Are there bed bugs in New York City? Seemingly so, but rest assured we are doing everything we possibly can to keep them out.

Kindest Regards,
Tania Getzova
General Manager
Soho Grand Hotel

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I was there for a Birthday party last week in the Soho Grand, Penthouse suite. My friend freaked out and told me there was a bed bug on the shower curtain. She flicked into the bath tube. I didn't believe it and checked it out for myself. Sure enough it was in the tube! Ive seen many bedbugs in my travel to Indonesia, so I definitely know what they look like.I took a photo of it for poof and there where 4 others that witnessed it too! Grossed me out and left the party right away. I told someone

that worked at the hotel before I left. He didn't believe me and I told to look for himself!

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4/14/10 - Room 635

I am familiar with bed bugs, as I've had friends who've dealt with infestations of these microscopic bugs. As I laid in bed my first night, I felt itchy, but didn't want to overreact, since this is such a "nice" hotel. The following day, I was horrified to discover bites all over my legs and abdomen. Since I know the nature of these infestations, there's not much to be done. They transfer from room to room very easily, and are very difficult to eradicate. My biggest fear no

w is transferring them back to my home :( I would check with the hotel first to make sure they are up to date with their pest control before staying here.

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August 22, 2009 - Soho Grand Hotel room 520

I felt "itchy" after being in the bed for an hour, but was so tired I passed out. The next morning, I woke up and popped into the shower. When I realized my legs were feeling really itchy, I began to soap them up - feeling bumps all over them. In brighter light, the bites were obvious. They were in several clusters on both of my legs. Unlike any bite I've ever seen.

I immediately packed my bag and came down to talk with the manager. He dismissed

me after talking for 15 seconds - telling me they were mosquito bites. And that he knows what bed bug bites look like "from a class" he took.

Sorry, but I lived in NYC for 3 years and I've been around mosquitoes all over the world. I know what they look like. These are NOT mosquito bites.

I'm appalled the manager treated this like such a non-issue. He even offered to move my room. What he should have done is told me he would look into the room asap - so I know he is taking this seriously.

DO NOT STAY HERE. The hotel is outdated and there are better hotels in NY for the price (Cooper, Ace, Standard) - to name a few.

The appropriate response would have been -

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