Salisbury Hotel
123 W 57th St
New York, NY

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We have stayed in this hotel 8 times in the past 9 years and never experienced bed bug problems...It is a fabulous cost effective place, excellent location and staff couldn't be better

I stayed here on 1/9 and 1/10, 2014. I saw no bugs of any kind, alive or otherwise. Room was perfectly clean and nice. I would definitely stay here again.

Stayed at this hotel in august 2013 and looked for bugs as soon as we got in the and found none. Place is old but very clean and staff is incredibly handsome and caring.

We stayed here December 21st for one night. No bed bugs!

We (husband, myself, plus two kids) stayed at Salisbury 11/10/12-11/12/12 and found no evidence of bedbugs. I did see a cockroach in the bathtub but no bedbug evidence anywhere. No bites. The hotel is clean and the suites are large. The only downside is that only 1 elevator works. Be prepared to walk up and down stairs if you don't want to wait long time for elevator. It's a great place for family. Great location.

Stayed at the Salisbury Hotel June 25 - 30, 2012. No signs of any bugs of any kind! Hotel staff are awesome, especially concierge,location is excellent, the street is amazingly quiet in the evening. Our first trip to NYC was a huge success, and when we return we will definitely stay at the Salisbury Hotel again! PS If you stay at the Salisbury, check out the deli a couple doors down, owner is very sweet and friendly, great place to get water/snacks for room!

Stayed at the Salisbury with my daughter and mother from 30th April through to 11th May 2012 (11 nights) absolutely NO bed bugs. NO problems what so ever. Room and beds very clean . No sign of any creepy crawlies at all during entire stay.I would stay at this hotel again!
THANKS Salisbury!

I stayed here twice, once in October 2011 and once in November 2011. Both times I scoured my sheets and bed looking if I saw anything and I came up empty! This is a clean, well maintained hotel that I will definitely stay in again! NO bites, no bugs, no worries!

Stayed at the Salisbury from March 26 until March 30, 2012. Fantastic location. Not a sign of a bedbug!

Stayed at the Salisbury in January, 2012. No bugs, no creepy crawlers, perfectly clean.

no bed bugs or any other creepy crawlers in Salisbury Hotel when I stayed there beginning of October.

Stayed at this hotel from July 22 to 26. Pulled back the sheets to check for bugs and there wasn't any sign of them. I slept each night very peacefully.

Our stay from 6/2/2011 to 6/8/2011 at the Salisbury Hotel was simply perfect! Absolutely NO bedbugs. Upon arrival I checked our room according to the guide on and there was no evidence, whatsoever, of bedbugs. This older hotel in a great location is charming, neat and clean. The rooms are vary large by NYC standards. The staff is friendly and helpful. After arriving home, I inspected our luggage and contents and found NO bedbugs. I would recommend this hotel to anyone seeking ab

ove average accomodations for a reasonable price.

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We stayed at the Salisbury March 25 through April 1. There were no signs of bed bugs.

Checked-in at Salisbury Hotel on March 23rd 2011 and will be checking out in a few hours (March 29th). There are no bedbugs. 3 kids and 3 adults, we slept in 2 beds and a sofabed and all was clean as a wistle!

Stayed in Salisbury hotel in March 2011 for 6 nights and I can confirm that there's NO bedbugs at all. Checked everyday and nothing. Great hotel, great service and great location !

Stayed at the Salisbury on January 28,2011. Checked the bed thoroughly for bugs. None found. Checked the bed the next morning, but all was fine.

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