341 Broome St
New York, NY

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Stayed at this hotel in March 2012. Reported the bites to management and they completely denied all! Had to 'bug bomb' all luggage and clothes, then launder and dry clean. Do not stay here - you will get bitten and you will have to clean all your belongings unless you want to carry then back home and end up infesting your own house.

WARNING WARNING - THIS HOTEL IS BED BUG RIDDEN. we just stayed 27 August to 1st September and got destroyed by bites.

The bites got worse and worse when we got back to England - and we are now totally panicked about having brought them home.

We must have been bitten hundreds of times. We complained when we left and were given a rather cursory apology and offered 50% off our last night.


just returned from sohotel and am covered with bites. i thought I had chickenpox but my doctor identified them as bed bugs. The hotel refused to hear my complaint. I stayed in 405 also. I may never visit ny again.

STAY AWAY from this hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We stayed the weekend of 10/10/08. My husband endded up COVERED on his arms and even had a bite on his scalp. Luckily, we had twin beds and I did not get bit. The management DID NOT return any phone calls or emails. I'm pretty sure we stayed in Room 405. Too bad, great location but the bed bug situation is DISGUSTING!!!! AG

Just got home from a night's stay at 341 Broome and am covered with bites. Not happy at all!!

I stayed there on June 30 and July 1st. There were two beds. When we woke up, I noticed two spots of fairly fresh blood on my sheets but couldn't see any bites. I asked my friend to check his sheets and he also found a fresh blood spot on the sheet. We had looked at the mattresses and sheets when we checked in and noticed the mattress both had plastic zippered casings. That made me a little nervous but I figured they were just taking precautions.

I told the front desk staff that morning and

they said they would check out the room 227. When we returned from a business appointment, they had moved our things to another room 201 and never said a thing. We asked but couldn't find the same staff members that we had spoken of and they offered to launder our clothes.

Now, after checking the web and finding this, I think they still have a problem.

I'm home now and trying to decide if I should just burn my luggage and clothes.

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We stayed in this "hotel" for a week and were constantly bombarded my these evil little creatures. The management does not seem to care at all, and were unwilling to listen to our complaints. I would not, NOT, recommend staying at this hotel, as it is not a safe, clean environment.

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