Ramada Plz New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Ave
New York, NY 11215
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Stayed here 4 nights in early November 2012 and 5 nights late November. No bedbugs.

I have been staying at the New Yorker for the past 2 years at least 4 times a month. NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER SEEN ANY INDICATION OF BEDBUGS AND I ALWAYS CHECK!!! NEVER HAD ANY BITES AFT STAYING HERE.

This is my choice hotel when staying in NYC. Clean as can be.

Several bedbug-like bites after the first and second night stay (after the first night I thought maybe it was not from the hotel, but after another night of sleep and new bites found, it seems very likely there were bugs in the room), not very surprising given their history of bedbug reports

The Cleanest Hotel I have ever seen in my life.


We had a great stay at the New Yorker. No bugs of any kind!

Stayed here in room 3609 from May 22-29, 2011. No bedbugs. Clean room. No problems. At the check-in desk, when I expressed concern about bed bug possibilities, the employee explained that when the rooms turn over, after the maid cleans, the supervisor comes and inspects the room. And after that inspection, the manager comes and inspects the room.
My brother and his wife stayed in room 3601 May 26 and 27. They also had no problem.
All three of us will happily stay at this hotel again, next tim

e we're in NYC.

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This hotel was absolutely tragic. We were told that the hotel's bed bug issue had been fully taken care of year's ago, when we checked in, that was not at all the case for both us and our friends. BOTH our beds had bed bug infestations in the pillows and between the sheets. I have never had an issue with a hotel in my life til I checked into the New Yorker. Avoid this hotel at all costs.

After coworkers learned of my NYC visit, they warned me about the bed bug infestation so I was pretty paranoid about it the weeks leading up to our trip. I had read the previous reports on this site and was determined on inspecting the room before settling in. We arrived on Sunday, 12/5/10 and checked into our room on the 19th foor. Before my husband could even use the toilet, I told him to not move while I inspected the bed. I pulled back the bedsheets from the mattress and whattaya know?

CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. The mattress looked brand new, not even a speck of dust could be found in the crevices. I had my husband help me inspect the rest of the bed and we found nothing. We did still keep our luggage on the luggage rack, chair and desk vice plopping on the floor for precaution. We stayed at the hotel for 5 biteless nights checking out on Friday, 12/10/10. No bed bugs! On another note, my husband did kill one tiny cockroach on the wall. Somehow that didn't bother me as much as a bed bug would have.

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I was completely freaked out after making a reservation at The New Yorker without having realized that it was the same hotel as The Ramada Plaza New Yorker (there are two listings on the bed bug registry - one clean, one with reports of bed bugs). I did all the research on how to search a room and performed a thorough one immediately upon entering. Was prepared to cause a HUGE fuss/insist on a refund with even the tiniest sign of infestation. Room not only didn't have bed bugs, but it was spa

rkling clean (no dust even behind the beds or other hard to each places). Ended up having a relaxing, bite-free weekend which was a relief after the panic I put myself through in advance.

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Bites. I checked beds and curtains as best I could without ripping it apart. Did not see anything but it is impossible to be thourough with the limited space you have and the way they have beds anchored, covers, etc.

Only stayed one night. I really hope they bit me and went the nest vs come back and climb in suitcase.

Btw, i was told - oh this isnt the same hotel, its in the wrong zip. Its the same fucking hotel.

Stayed at the New Yorker Hotel Nov 2010. Bad news: after lifting the mattress, I saw bed bug fecal matter marks ( black spots) on box spring cover. My family member who is currently battling bed bugs, advised to get the hell out of that room. I requested another. This time I saw what appeared to be a few blood marks and molted skeletons of bed bugs on box spring cover, at head of the bed.
GOOD NEWS: the staff, although visibly frustrated with my requests for new room, were extremely accommodat

ing. They put me wayyyyyyyy up at top of hotel. Not a bed bug remnant in sight. Very clean. We still kept all belongings in the bath tub and put all of that in plastic sealed bags when we left. Also, I like the hotel. It's a cool, older hotel right in middle of Manhatten and honestly, when this epidemic gets under control, I would surely stay at this hotel again. Until then, I really don't see myself staying in NYC hotels.
Again, kudos to the staff.

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my daughter is a student there. She reports that any bedbug infestation is isolated. When there is a report filed the pest control people are called and the rooms in question are inspected. They take this seriously.

Stayed here Oct 8-10 2010 with no issues. We were very paranoid about all the bed bug scare stuff; we were very thorough checking the bed and linens before settling in and found/felt nothing, so we had a good stay. FYI!

I stayed here from January 17 -23 2010. I commented on the sweet, musky smell. Each morning there were blood stains on the linen. I did not feel anything and had no after effects. It was only yesetrday after reading about the bed buepidei in New York that I realised the smell and the blood stains were symptoms of bed bugs.

Staying there for our honeymoon in 2007 with a tour group.

Over 50% of our group had issues with bed bugs.

We claimed against our travel insurance and stayed at the Marriot Residence Inn which was clean.

I stayed there last week (12/18 - 12/20) and there we bedbugs everywhere in my sheets, pillows, and blankets.

There are bed bugs throughout this hotel. Other guests have complained as well, but the hotel keeps calling each one an "isolated incident".

I also recently read online that students who lived in the hotel had them too.

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