Plaza Hotel
5th Ave
New York, NY

Found 3 reports:

Stayed there for an important event. One of the nights I woke up desperate from my sleep because I felt something bite me. I returned to my home, and the bites began increasing (only in my room) I called an expert and was told there was bed bugs in my room. 2,000 dollars later I am free of bed bugs. Worst nightmare I've lived pertaining to bugs. The plaza ended up being twice as much because of this incident.

The hotel room was spotless, no bedbugs. The entire place from hallways to bathrooms was perfect. We stayed there 7/23 to 7/26.

Bed bugs were crawling on the draperies and the windowsill of the room. The hotel was very accomodating and upgraded us to a nicer room, but we were still pretty disgusted by the incident.

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