Park South
122 E 28th St
New York, NY

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We stayed there in August 2012 and it was totally allrgiht ! I've been on this website before so I was a little bit worried, but fortunately it was very clean, le linen was perfect. I watched really everywhere in the bed and it was ok. By the way, this is a very good hotel, if we come back to NYC, sure we'll stay there again, they are very nice and breakfast is free and very good.

We stayed at the Park South Hotel between the 5th. and 7th. of September 2012. We had numerous insect bites on our legs and ankles after our first night stay. The hotel moved us to a new room, but I still felt very uncomfortable staying there.

I just returned from the Park South. I checked the mattress and sheets and found no sign of bedbugs. The room seemed very clean, although that doesn't mean their are no bugs. I'm stayed here 5 times with no problems. Nonetheless, I wouldn't leave luggage on the floor or bed in any hotel...especially in NYC. And when you get home, take out all clothing and bring it straight to the washer. Dry with heat. Shower yourself. Leave the suitcase in the garage for a few days. I know, it seems like overki

ll. Better safe than sorry.

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I stayed at Park South Friday, September 30th, 2011.

The room was immaculate, the bed was comfortable and free of pests.

I want to reassure you that The Park South Hotel does not have an issue with Bedbugs. We currently take the following preventive actions to keep this property free of these pests.
1.We have quarterly canine inspections of all guest rooms
2.Our room attendants are thoroughly trained to detect signs of bugs as a part of their daily routine. All vacated rooms are checked daily. We also have a monthly cleaning and maintenance program in place, all rooms are thoroughly inspected at this time
3. In

the event that bedbugs are discovered we use an industrial heating treatment that is specifically designed to instantly kill bugs and eggs.
4. Our luggage room is treated regularly in order to prevent possible contamination from other travelers.
We are very aware that this is a problem around the world for hotels regardless of their caliber. In most instances, travelers unwittingly transport the pests to the hotel in their luggage. The safety and comfort of our guests is of the utmost importance to us.
Marco Luksich, Chief Engineer
The Park South, New York

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We stayed at the Park South March 4th-6th, room 708. After reading previous posts, we were a little concerned about the prospects of sleeping with bed bugs! I'm pleased to report there was not a single sighting. In fact, the room was impeccably clean, the staff was courteous, the continental breakfast was fantastic, and in summary, we will definitely return to the Park South on our next trip to NYC!

I stayed at the Park South from 4/13/09-4/17/09. I had bite marks all over my arms when I woke up the first morning. I actually saw the bedbugs on the sheets. I notified hotel staff and they came to the room immediately, moved me to another room, didnt charge me for dinner at the Hotel resteraunt, didnt charge for the room, checked my new room for bedbugs, (which was clean), and showed me how to check for bedbugs. I had a late check-in and being tired, I didnt unpack my suitcase, I placed it on

the luggage rack, so I didnt carry any home. I would never stay at the Park South ever again. The hotel staff was great, however, on the comments card to the General Manager of the Park South, I had told him of my experience and asked him a few questions about the situation, since I was suggesting this Hotel to alot of my collegues to stay at when in NYC. I gave him multiple ways of reaching me. To this date, he has never apologized to me or even contacted me to at least answer my questions.

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I stayed in a room on the fifth floor apx. June 16-18, 2010. I had about 50 small raised bumps between my shoulders that itched like crazy that I attributed to a rash. When I returned home I googled bedbug bite pictures and Im now convinced that I was bitten.

Stayed at hotel 5/11/10-5/16/10. Husband badly bitten. I was bitten lightly. We definitely think they were in the chairs in the bedroom. They had stains. Hotel said that they checked and there were no bedbugs.

I stayed here 6-16-09 and 6-17-09 (room 308) and was bitten. Plus, I carried a few home and have just recently found a few at home.

A colleague of mine staying in town for business for a few days here got "attacked" during the night by bedbugs. I am unsure of the exact room number, but the manager(s) were informed. They were not exactly apologetic and didn't even want to discount the room.

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