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Hi its me again,Does anyone have the coporate office phone number? My friends didnt take it serious and apparantly they had hitch hikers in thier luggage! Now they got the bites and are calling in the exterminator! I think coporate should Know ,oh and our room number was 1031.THANKS

July 21-22-2012,Two of my friends and I went to New York,Marriott Marquis,in Times Sguare. It was Beautiful until the middle of the night hands felt itchy, didnt think nothing, until I woke up the next morning. It looked like my hands had multiple mosquito bites (alot). My left leg, right side of face, neck.Called the desk on the 22nd they connected me to housekeeping. I could not understand hardly what the woman was saying. She told me management would come to our room. I waited and waited chec

kout was 12 noon I waited till 12:15 and checked out. Upon returning home the evening of the 22nd.My mom bagged everything outside,threw out luggage,etc,My (bites were swollen red, and really itchy. Went the doctor next morning 23rd, YES, it was confirmed bed bug bites,after getting Cream,pills for itching had to be put on steriods. It is now August 4th I have discolored patches as a sovenier. START SPREADING THE NEWS#@*~! in ole NEW YORK NEW YORK!

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I went to see a show in the Marriott Marquis Hotel theatre on July 20, 2012. On the way home, on the train, I had two itchy red welts on my foot. The next day, more welts on my legs. The bugs had hitched a ride home in my pants. Found an actual bedbug the next morning, so I know the bites were from bedbugs and not spiders or misquitos. I never had bedbugs in my home before, and I don't travel much, so I know I picked up the bugs at the hotel theatre.

I had a training event in the Marriot Marquis in Times Square on Tuesday July 17th. This was an all day event in the conference room on the 7th floor.

I put my computer bag down on one of the couches for most of the day. As I was leaving and went to pick up my bag, I noticed a good sized bug, which I thought looked like a burgundy colored tick scurry into one of the pockets inside of my laptop bag. I opened the bag and search for it but found nothing.

Two days later I noticed after scrubb

ing my body in shower with a poof, very large (quarter sized) itchy red welts all over my left arm.

Somehow that full grown bed bug that I picked up in the Marriot Marquis conference room traveled home with me and has been stalking me and feeding off of me at night ever since.

This morning I woke up with two huge welts on my ankles. One of the welts on my arm started to blister in the sun and it looks like it is going to leave a sizable scar.

What a nightmare. I have heard that it is the illegal migrant workers that Marriot hires who live in neighborhoods like Sunnyside and Corona who bring these vermin into the hotel.

Meanwhile, people are paying $300-400 a night to stay in this beg bug infested dump. Terrible!

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3-night stay July 16-19, 2012. On 39th floor, two beds, not a sign of bugs, and impressed with condition of hotel, courtesy of staff and cleanliness of all facilities. We'll be back!

Stayed 4/12 through 4/15 and never saw a single bug. Everything was extremley clean and neat.

Stayed at the NY Marriott Hotel on the 27th floor March 5, 2012. Thoroughly searched the room and found no evidence of bedbugs.

Stayed at this Marriott Jan 21 thru 23, 2012. Checked room thoroughly before unpacking, found one dead, dried bed bug under mattress. Sprayed repellant around mattress and headboard. No bites detected, however on packing to leave found bed bug on coat that had been hanging in closet. Told desk about bug and was met with laughter!!!

Also, had unpleasant experience at the View restaurant with rude and obnoxious waiter.

I stayed in room 1961 Monday August 1-August 5 and I came home with beg bug bites ALL over my torso area. Unfortunately I didn't notice until I returned home. After reading the review, it seems as though floor 19 is a hot bed for the bugs.

Stayed here in May, 2011 found no bedbugs but, I also travel with bedbug spray and always spray down my room/mattress/headboard/ etc... before I get in the bed or put my luggage on a luggage rack.

Travel with bedbug spray it will maake sliding into those hotel beds much easier knowing that you've sprayed beforehand.

5-12-11 always stay @ marriott Marquis in times sq when in NYC & hav never had any issues with bed bugs. many my coworkers hav many problems staying @ cheaper NYC hotels. I always tell them you get what u pay for . Thanks Marriott Marquis

Stayed for 2 nights in room 3324 April 8th and 9th. Checked all the bedding including the pullout sofa bed, and there were no bed bugs found. We had a truly enjoyable stay!

My family and I checked into the Marriott Marquis on March 6th. We searched the first room we were assigned, Room 3850, and found bed bugs on one of the two mattresses. We immediately returned to the front desk and asked for a new room. We explained to them that one of the people in our party has had an experience with bed bugs in the past that she did not want to repeat! The lady we spoke with was very nice and changed our room without any hassle. We then checked our new room, Room 2526.

There were no bed bugs in this room!

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Checked-in to the Marriott Marquis Times Square on Mar 10, 2011 and checked out on Mar 13, 2011. I am happy to report that we, my wife and I, had no issues with Bed Bugs(BBs). We stayed in room 2544. To give some background, I am a frequent traveler, one who is always concerned with the hygein, or lack thereof, of hotel rooms (yes, I put the remote in a plastic bag before I touch it, and I do this at every hotel I stay in). I checked this website before I left for NY to see what t

he status was of this hotel. With the posts on this site, I was VERY concerned about staying here, but this trip was arranged by work so I didn't have a choice to stay elsewhere. So when I got into the room, I pulled the sheets off the bed and searched every seam to see if there where any BBs. I had even packed a lint roller, and ran it up and down the seams of the mattres as well as across the mattress and came up empty every time. I checked the head board and same thing, no BBs. Every morning I woke I had no signs of a BB attack, and my wife also indicated she was fine.

So I can vouch for room 2544, there were no BBs there. Also worth mentioning... I never overheard any guests mentioning BBs while riding the elevators or during breakfast in the hotel's restaurant.

So my personal account is no BB issues at this hotel, even though I was expecting to get carried away by the little bugs.

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My sister I arrived at the hotel on Sunday 2/13 and we checked out 2/16. We thought that everything was fine that night. Monday morning we woke up and saw things in our beds. We kept our suitcases off of the floor and had space travel bags. We immediately called the housekeeping manager and we were met with resistance and we were told it was called a We which was part of the gnat family, and lint from the blankets. I told my sister and I had never heard of We. Gnats fly and do not get into beds.

I had a couple of bites. They changed our linen, and said that they would clean our clothes, so my sister gave them her dirty clothes. They did not offer to change us to another room. Tuesday night we had the same thing. We thought that we were paranoric and crazy since they checked the bugs. We checked out of the hotel on Wednesday morning, and when we came home I found them in my dirty clothes which was sealed with a zip loc bag and I found them on me. I took everything to the cleaners and sprayed the house and my suitcases, threw away shoes because I did not want to take a chance that they were in my lined shoes. I also found them in my clothes that I was wearing. I am waiting to hear what the hotel is going to do about all of this. I found one or two and my sister is taking them to the Dr. so that he can test the bugs. The hotel did not offer to investigate and have the bugs tested.

Will my sister and I stay there again...NEVER What a disappoinment the hotel was. I hope they make this situation right with us. If they are still in my house, I will need to throw away the matress and get a new one and exterminate the house again.

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I arrived February 6 2011, room 1901, I departed Feb 9, 2011.
The second day after waking up, I noticed a small blood stain in the sheets, just below the pillow, I figured maybe I had a nosebleed or maybe I scratched myself in my sleep, I did not pay much attention to it.
Next day I woke up early and it was still dark, I felt something in my arm, I slaped it and turned on the light, I had blood on my arm and in my hand, I called the manager, Mr Ron Rivera came to my room and I showed him the b

loody tissue with the dead bug, he said that this type of complaints were handled by the corporate headquarters, a few minutes latter I was getting ready to check out and I saw a bug crawling on the bed, I put it on a styrofoam cup and called the manager again, he came in and put the bug in a plastic bag, played the roll of I don't know, what kind it is.
A couple of days went by, Mr Jewell from corporate called me (301) 380-0364 and told me that they were going to send a company named EcoLabs to investigate, no appologies were given to me at any time.
I looked on line, guess what, there are reports of this problem since 2009, one of them from the very room I stayed in.
I'm a gold member for Marriott, I stay in their hotels world wide, they have exelent standards, it is a shame that when they have a problem, they are unable or unwilling to solve it.

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On January 16, 2011 I stayed at this hotel and found bedbugs in my room (room 1901) the next morning. The housekeeping manager and a security staff came to my room, took pictures of the bedbugs and actually picked up a couple of them from the bed. I was moved right away to a different room (room 1907) and the housekeeping manager promised to dry clean my clothes and give me a report about this incident. Short story, they did not take care of my dry cleaning and came back saying that an extermina

tor inspected the room and found no bedbug infestation. I requested the exterminator report several times. On January 17, the hotel staff told me that they couldn't find the report, then the front desk manager asked me to deal with the claims department and said that it was going to take 3-5 days to get this report. After one week, the claims department and the general manager said that this kind of information is confidential and cannot be shared with me. I think that this is pure negligence... I saw the bugs and they were bedbugs, that's why they don't want to share the exterminator report and the pictures that their staff took in my room. The hotel claims that those weren't bedbugs but they can't tell me what kind of bugs they were. This is ridiculous and I wonder if the "report" even exists and even assuming that those bugs weren’t bedbugs, the fact is that my room wasn't clean. They offered me $100 to take care of my dry cleaning bill. However, I'm not willing to let this go. I want to see the exterminator report and make sure that the hotel management take action and make sure that their rooms are bedbug free.

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We stayed at the Marquis December 9th through December 12th. I came prepared with a lint roller to roll along the mattress piping and edging. I had read where it is best to pull back all the bedding and look at the mattress itself along it's edges for signs of bedbugs. I am glad tor report that the room was bedbug free. As an additional caution upon our arrival back home again in Indiana. We left our bags outside for 24 hrs on our front porch. I had read where the bugs cannot handle extreme cold

and will perish quickly. I did this just in case our luggage had been infected while in the luggage holding facility at the hotel or airport. I hope this review was helpful to all that read it?

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I stayed at the Marriott Marquis at Times Square on Dec 15-16 in room 2950 and checked the mattress, headboard and chest at the foot of the bed. It was all clean and clear. No bed bugs anywhere!

Stayed here over the Thanksgiving Weekend 2010. We were in room 1516 with no problems. We performed a thorough bed bug exam upon our arrival and did not find any evidence of bed bugs. The room was extremely clean.

I worked at the Marriott Marquis Hotel from Nov. 16-Nov.17 2010, and expected to go back in tomorrow. I had a notebook with me that I kept in my backpack. I was writing in it and put it back in my bag. When I picked my notebook up again, I found a dead bedbug in my notebook. I am curious if I am now a carrier. To this date, I don't have any bites.

I stayed in room 1234 in the Marriott Marquis on Nov 14-16 (2010) and found a bed bug in my bag when I arrived home. I do not have any bites or did not see any in the room while there.

We recently stayed at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square from 10/15/10-10/18/10, room 3619. We were aware of the reports of bedbugs in New York City and checked out the mattresses, headboards and the room in general. We never saw any bug or had any issues. We had a wonderful time.

Just spent two nights at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway in Times Square. October 15,16 2010. Rooms 3104,3105 adjoining.

Had read the reviews and was quite worried about staying there. I brought sprays and a silk bed sack to sleep in. I am glad to say there was NO evidence of BedBugs. We checked the mattress and around the room. No one received bites and I didn't have to use the sprays.

While I will always come prepared to any hotel in the future I'm glad to report that we didn't need

it. We had a wonderful time there.

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I stayed here on 9/19-9/22. I woke up in the middle of the night itching and saw an insect moving. After turning on the light found the bug crawling on the bed and had it killed. Found a new one in the morning and preserved to show management. So far they asked me to take pictures of my body which I won't lie is not the best way to treat your guests especially when you have an actual moving bug as proof. This is terrible and will never stay there again.

We stayed at the Marriot Marquis on Broadway in Times Square from August 28th until August 31st, 2009. We had adjoining rooms with our kids on the 19th floor. Rooms 1944 and 1943. Our daughter that stayed in room 1943 woke up on the first morning complaining of what she thought were insect bites on her hip. By the next morning she had red, itchy welts up and down the backs of her legs, inner thigh, upper hips and upper pelvic area. The welts ran in linear patterns. We contacted the hotel to come

and strip the bed down and change the mattress protector, but that may not have been enough of a precaution as she still seemed to have more the next day. It seemed to be just the bed closer to the window that was a problem, as my son was fine and we seemed fine in room 1944. The hotel requested that procedure required us to allow security to photograph our daughter. We refused as many of the bites are in areas of her body we do not wish to have photographed by a stranger - she is 15 and was already traumatized enough by the entire bedbug situation.

We asked the chambermaid to verify that she had seen the welts to management as they seemed less than eager to admit any accountability. Honestly, for a hotel of that calibre and reputation, I had anticipated a more appropriate response and apology from them. Instead we were met with skepticism and some resistance.

We were informed that the matter needed to be sent to corporate in order to proceed further with any compensation if they were to do so. We are awaiting a response from them.

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