New York Marriott East Side
525 Lexington Ave
New York, NY

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I am currently staying here
for a second night. Hotel
is very clean and no
bed bugs. We are from
Toronto and read the
great reviews. No
dissapointments, very
happy with this hotel.

We stay at this hotel 3-4 times a year. Love it and the staff.Always clean, certainly no issues with bedbugs

October 2012 to present- I along with several of my co workers are staying at the Marriott East Side and No one has had any issues with bed bugs. This is one of the cleanest hotels we have ever stayed at.

Stayed here fot five days October 2011. No problems whatsoever. Reasonably clean for an older hotel.

This was the cleanest hotel room I've been in. No bed bugs at all. Seriously.

I stayed there during May 7th and May 8th. I did not have any problems during the stay BUT one week after, when I wore a clean item which was left inside the luggage, I woke up with bites consistent with bed bug bites (three in a row).

I stayed at the hotel on May 9th. I woke up with 5 bug bites around my ankle. I called the hotel to complain and they criticized me for not reporting the incident the very next morning. I informed them that I had to rush out to catch a flight and that as a business traveler, I would alter my preferences for hotel stay. Later, I called Marriott Rewards to issue a second complaint.

Stayed at this hotel for 3 nights the last week in January 2011. I had no problems with bed bugs. I work for a apartment management company and I have a lot of experience with them. I can defenitly say there were none in my room. Bed was confortable.

Stayed here late October for a week, no problems (business associate also did not have problems).

As a scientist I note that none of these reports cite a direct visible sighting of a bed bug. One can get a rash easily when travelling. Change in soap, change in sleep pattern (wearing sweats instead of PJ's? Wear your wrist watch to bed at hotels?), detergent use on the sheets, eating new types of food, etc. The fact that you are itchy after staying in a hotel does not mean it has bed bugs.

Frankly, with all the major hotels now being "dog friendly" I would worry more about flea bites. (oops, that might start a new bug panic in NYC!)

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October 7-9 rm#1421
My husband came home with bedbug bites all over his legs and arms. He was unsure of what it was while he was at the hotel, therefore did not report anything. When he got home I knew immediately what it was and called the hotel. (one of the managers first tried to tell my husband he was allergic to the feathers in the bedding-he is not.) All they do is deny they have bedbugs and that anyone has ever reported anything. I called the New York Health Dept and reported them. After

reading some of the reports online it is clear this has happened to them before. I also informed the hotel that I had seen these reports online yet the still denied it. Hopefully the Health Dept. will be able to do something.

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Stayed at this hotel 2 nights in Sept. 2008. Slept horribly the first night as it felt like my skin was crawling. My travel companion who slept in the other bed awoke with bites on her leg. We notified management. They never acknowledged a problem but moved us to another room. Had the nerve to imply that my roommate had bites from flies. Didn't sleep well the second night as it also felt like things were crawling. Never saw anything in the sheets.

Stayed at this hotel in June 2010 and had no problems. Mattress was fairly new. I would stay at this hotel again.

Oct 1, 2009

I stayed at this hotel and woke up with bed bug bites all over my ankles. Blaaaaah, disgusting.

Stayed at the Marriott East side early part of January 2009, bed bugs were biting me all 3 nights. Do not remember the room number but I believe it was on the 22nd floor.

I normally stay at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, never had a problem there.

Checked in on Thursday, Nov 15 in the evening; stayed in room 2511; checked out the next morning. My right upper arm was itching like crazy at lunch. Kept itching. When I got home around 9:30 pm and was able to look at my arm, there were 2 sets of welts in clusters of 3. The were colorless but raised. By the next morning, they became red. And by this morning--3 mornings later--they are larger and much more red.

I never saw any bugs, and didn't even think about what this could be until I

came home and my wife helped me research.

I called Marriott Rewards yesterday (Saturday) and they reported it to the hotel management. I haven't heard back from anyone yet. I've also reported my encounter on Trip Advisor.

I'm petrified if I brought any bugs home with me.

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