New York Inn
655 10th Ave
New York, NY 10036

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I stayed in New York Inn in october 2010 and was severelly attacked by bed bugs all over my arms, legs and face. The hotel is very dirty.
Avoid this hotel, it's a tourist trap. It should be shut down due to those problems

Spent three nights at room 411, and encountered no bedbugs. The room was crummy, though. The bed looked like it was brand new, which suggests that they've taken steps to fix the problem.

My friend stayed here last week 9/19/2010 through 9/26/2010. He and his travel companion were both bitten by bed bugs on the first floor. They changed rooms to the third floor when the AC unit died. The bed bug invasion was even worse on the third floor, and he ended up with four bites on his face (and many others on his body). As a NY resident, I feel obligated to report this (he was too embarrassed to say anything); I know that NY Inn has been reported before (and they're on Travel Advisor's t

op ten dirtiest hotels in the US as well), but they continue to have persistent problems. Are they doing anything at all to combat the bed bugs?

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