New World Hotel
101 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

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I booked a room for two nights.. When I arrived I was told they were taking a copy of my credit card for security. The next day I seen that my card had been charged not copied! So I paid online, then at the hostel. Besides that,I went straight to sleep because I was exhausted and woke up at 3 am to find my face, neck, back, and arms covered in bites. I ran into the room to check and could literally see the bugs crawling around ! I took photos and videos to the man downstairs and demanded a refun

d. It took two days of me sitting in the waiting area for him to give me my money back!

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Horrible!!!!!!!! Horrible hotel.
Im french and it was my dream to come in new york.
Le first morning i woke up in panik with spots all my body.
This hotel have to close!!!

I stayed in New World Hotel in July 2015. This Hotel is infested with bed bugs. We changed room and the new new room was infested as well. I would avoid this hotel.

the last 2 times i stayed at this hotel (summer 2014 and december 2014), i got bitten severely. the last time (december 2014), i actually found a dead bedbug between the mattress and box spring, but found no live bugs, only the bites. ive always loved this hotel (price, location), but im going to have to find somewhere else to stay in new york :(

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