Morningside Inn
235 W 107th St
New York, NY 10025

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I stayed in the Moringside Inn in June 2010 - there are still Bed Bugs! They did not want to give me another room, when they did, there were Bed Bugs too. The staff was really relaxed, did not seem to do anything about it. If you are staying there, take care! Hotel room on 6th floor, and basement.

I recently stayed there too and can confirm the hotel is badly infested. Every floor, moved to different floors, same drama everywhere.
And - yes - how ridiculous they try to get out of the misery by blaming their guests of having brought them.

Is there nothing to do, no authority to close down this place? I mean people are spreading them bugs from places like this to anywhere they move to. This happened by two acquaintances of mine from the hotel, both moved to a pretty pricy neighbourhood

and infested the appartments there..
I washed all of my textile belongings in boiling hot water (ruined quite a few to my horror) so I did not pass them on, gladly.

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There are bed bugs on all floors of this hotel. I lived here for 6 months and it was horrible. The management seems to be doing absolutely nothing about it. They just blame whoever complains that they had brought them in.

Yap, the other reviewer is right - they have them bed bugs, too, at Morningside Inn (August 2008).
Regards, Melanie

Read this review for Riverside Inn, where I lived, run by the same management, and according to Riverside Inn staff suffering from the same issues with bedbugs as Riverside Inn:

I used to live in Riverside Inn for about one month.
It seems to have been a shelter for poor New Yorkers, the management is trying to get them out and build it into a tourist hotel and students residence.
Everything bad you can find in reviews is true:
The hotel is bedbug infested (not speaking about mice in the

shared kitchen, which sometimes sneak below the at least 2inch gap below the door into your room..; roaches etc).
While I sincerely pity the miserable living circumstances of the poor long-term residents (and I mean poor socio-economically), I was shocked to find out the Riverside Inn houses AIDS patients - blood sucking parasites, which are "believed to not transmit diseases", students/tourists, and AIDS patients.
Now tha's a bummer, isn't it?
After a few weeks of useless exterminator visits and aggressive behaviour by the manager (Patrick), from whom I wanted to get my 800$ rent per month paid in advance for another month back - and who trully scared me with his bullying behaviour (check out a review of some guy who had his head pushed against a cab door by the same manager in the fight over getting the money back - I read it later and thanked God I had given up on my demands..), I simply gave up. Moved to another appartment. And brought the bugs with me.
When returning to Europea, I kept my suitcase in the stairway (imagine the neighbour's looks), taking out clothes by hand and washing them in boiling water at the entrance of my appart, throwing away my suitcase afterwards
I hope no one was so unlucky to pick it up - it was almost unused and expensive.

check out this review by a German woman who worked at the United Nations, which recommended this hotel (!)

And - too late for me - I found this article from 2005 (!) telling about the New Yorker poor living in the Riverside Inn AND its bedbug infestation.
I suggest everybody google their hotel+bedbugs before going ANYWHERE.

Unluckily, not many people write reviews about bedbugs. An increasing number does, and this site is great.
and good luck for your search for bed bug-free hotels!
P.s. The Morning Side Inn is run by the same staff, and according to the (nice) hotel staff, moving there is pointless as it has the same issues.
I thank them for their honesty.
I will copy past my review there.

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