Millennium Broadway New York
145 W 44th St
New York, NY

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Bedbugs found here during a film shoot, and neither the staff nor the crew (NBC Universal) did anything about it. Awful!

I stayed at this hotel back in May of 2009. I was traveling from Overseas and this was my first time in NYC. I enjoyed the hotel tremendously. My friend came from NC to stay with me while I was on travel. She said NYC was know for having bed bugs, so she brought Lysol spray. We checked the bed for bed bugs, but there wasn't any, thank GOD). She still sprayed the beds just in case. I will be back in NYC in October and I plan on staying at this hotel again. Praying that there aren't any be

d bugs this time also. Loved NYC and the hotel.

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Just spent 4 nights in this hotel along with a group of 20 colleagues. We each had a room, all on different floors. There was NOT ONE REPORT OF BED BUGS.
Reading all the reports prior to my trip, I was very worried and upon check in I addressed the issue with the reception staff. They denied having bed bugs in the hotel and said that the hotel is treated once an incident is reported. So I just wanted to share my recent experience(2/22/12) and give potential guests a measure of calm .

Dec 23rd 2011. Woke up to a bite on bump on hairline and my back. Didnt think it was anything and went back to bed. Several hours later i have water bumps on various parts of my body. Both emailed and called managrment once i got home but no official response or acknowledgrment. I was wise enought to take pictures of the bites on my body just in case they try to deny anything. We were lucky however that only i got bittten since we were traveling as a family. No one else seems affected. All item

s we own went directly into the dryer.

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I stayed at the Millennium Broadway hotel from September 24-27 and my sister (who was on the trip with me) woke up with several bites on her foot. We did not "see" any bed bugs, so we were unable to be moved. I was slightly concerned, however, now my bed has bed bugs and I am needing to call an exterminator to take care of the problem. Ugh!

Last night I checked into this hotel and was laying on the bed watching TV, as I got off the bed and walk to the bathroom, upon my return I moved the sheets and found three bedbugs. The hotel came to the room and put the bugs in a glass. I was in a panic and they said they would move me. My concern was if my suitcase or cloths had bugs on them. The hotel acted in a way that was very casual. Everything worked out and my cloths got cleaned and I stayed at another hotel. This was not only me

but someone else I traveled with at the same hotel found dead bugs in their room.

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I stayed at the Millennium Broadway Hotel for a conference for work. We ended up having to change rooms 3 times in 24 hours... the first room was dirty with a red stain on my comforter and legos on the floor, with the second room the door would not lock and anyone was able to enter from the outside, and in the third room my roommate woke up in the morning with 4 bites on her legs.

After not knowing whether these were spider bites or bed bug bites, once we arrived at our office, we

soon learned that 2 other girls that were rooming together each had many bites. The only explainable reasoning for this could be bed bugs.

In all our experience at Millennium Broadway Hotel was very disappointing.

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I've stayed at this hotel five times now over the past four years, usually for 5 to 8 nights at a time. My last stay was March 2011. I have never had a problem here and the hotel will supply a mattress topper if you find the bed a bit hard. I always check the bed carefully and everything here is very clean. I thoroughly recommend this hotel for it's cleanliness.

I stayed at the hotel 11/15-11/17 without incident. Checked out roomed immediately upon arrival. Called the front desk prior to be completing my reservation. Front desk clerk was perfectly forthcoming and polite when I asked about any reports of bedbugs in the hotel. Asked if I wanted to speak to a manager, so I did. The manager was polite and professional and explained what the hotel does to protect guest.

I will stay at this hotel again with confidence.

Awwww come on "Meg and Amy" cleanliness has very little to do with bedbugs. The majority of infestations are cause by travelers (mostly airline people) They very rarely start at the hotel they are usually deposited there by these travelers.This hotel not having them isn't a matter of "they are so clean they can't get them", it's a matter of a infested traveler hasn't stayed there yet BUT, they will......

We stayed at the hotel the first week of October.
The room was very clean and we checked all the usual places for bedbugs.
There were no signs of the creatures but we followed advice and put luggage on the rack provided.

The staff was very polite and we enjoyed our stay.

I'm assuming the staff & management are being dilligent to see that the hotel remains clean
and pest-free.


Seeing that there are alot of hotels in NYC with bed bugs right now I wanted to share a good experience of a BED BUG FREE HOTEL as of (9/25-9/28/2010)so ppl can go and feel safe..

This hotel was very clean! I too was so scared I might find bugs in our room. I did the normal bed and room check and found no signs of the evil villians here! Although I didnt find signs I still followed safty measures like not putting my suitcase on the bed and stored it only on the suit case holder.

I have

been home for over a month now and my house is still free of bed bugs which to me is the ultimate test of a bug free hotel.

If you can affored their prices stay at the Millennium Broadway Hotel and relax.

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