99 Prince St
New York, NY 11201-3009

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My wife and I were very excited for our romantic weekend in NYC, and to stay at the Mercer Hotel. She had lived in this area back in the 80s. After our first night, my wife woke up with welts all over her arm. They were extremely itchy, but we thought it was just an allergic reaction to something.

The next morning, after she woke up with more of these welts, and I had some on my leg, we started asking around. Someone told us about bed bugs, and to check our mattress. We did, and found th

ree little bugs in the folds of the mattress cover. We reported it to the manager, who moved us to another room. That third morning, we again woke up with more bites. Some were on my wife's face.

It made our trip very uncomfortable, and we were glad to be leaving NYC and the Mercer Hotel. Unfortunately, we must have carried some of these critters home with us in our luggage or on our clothes, because last night I got more bites. It seems like our "vacation" will stay with us for awhile.

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