Maritime Hotel
118 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011-4704
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We stayed at the hotel on Marathon weekend and was able to book 3 rooms adjacent to one another. The evening before the race, my wife and I woke up in the middle of night with bites all over us. We lifted the mattress and found five live bedbugs crawling above the box spring. We quickly called the front desk and demanded a new room but, to our dismay, there were no more rooms. Since we had to get up in 3 hours, we decided to sleep in the bathroom floor. The next morning, we informed our frien

ds of the problem and they TOO were bitten. With no time to spare, we left for the race. When we returned in the afternoon, the hotel manager informed us that they had treated our rooms and that the insects were really spiders and not bedbugs - a complete lie. We bagged all our cloths and brought them to a laundermat in hopes of sterilizing everything so we wouldn't bring it home. Of the three rooms, two were infested.

On Wednesday, the Maritime Hotel manager phoned us to informed us that they have reversed the room charges and comp us for the night. He still insisted that they were spiders but we brought one of samples we collected to entomologist in our town and it was confirmed to be a "bedbug"! We are so upset and is terrified that we might have brought bedbugs home with us. According to the entomologist, the bug sample was an adult bedbug and it has been well fed, thanks to us, but that it must have been there a very long time based on the size. This "Dream Hotel" is more like a "Nightmare".

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