Marcel Hotel
201 E 24th St
New York, NY 11210

Found 3 reports:

Guest advised us after check out, the next day, that he had bites on his body. He never mentioned anything at checkout or while staying with us. The room was assessed by an exterminator the very same day he contacted us. The guest was advised that we had received certification that bed bugs were not found in the room. Guest was offered a copy of the report but refused. Guest was not satisfied that we did not give his money back, had there been an issue in the room the hotel would have absolute

ly compensated accordingly. Guest was just looking for a free stay.

see full report...

Stayed on August 5th, 2014. Definitely bed bugs in room 606. Hotel currently not offering to make the situation right. Had to bake my clothes in my oven last night. Suitcase being thrown away...

12/5/12: Confirmed beg bugs in my hotel room. They are crediting the cost of the room and offered to wash my clothes and clean out my luggage with "alcohol wipes."

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