Jane West Hotel
507 West St
New York, NY 11223

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I stayed here last September for 2 nights. The staff were very courteous during my stay.

The shared bathrooms mean that there's no tiled floor to store your luggage on, so if there are bed bugs in the room, they're hopping aboard your luggage and coming home with you.

Which they did.

The room was a little dusty, but was fine for me for a couple of nights. Unfortunately I ended up having to get exterminators out 4 times in the UK to try and solve the problem later on.

I liked the hote

l, very romantic feel to it, but I wish they could sort out the bugs.

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Whatever you do - wherever you stay - please, make sure it's NOT this hotel. It's popular among European travelers (maybe because it reads like a hostel?) FILTHY. SMOKY. DISGUSTING. GREASY. These are words I would use to describe the hotel. There were pubes and dust/dirt in the corners of the shared his/her bathrooms. The water temperature did not come up fast, leaving you standing in a puddle of water in the shower (the drain is apparently set to not drain until you are done completely. Gross

. There isn't a place other than hooks on the back of the door to put your stuff. Hello? Toiletries? Shoes? Whatever else you may have brought with you that needs a place when you are showering in a public place ? The Halls stunk of stale smoke. Like thick, overwhelming pipe smoke. We had our window open to try to take it away. Didn't work. I'm asthmatic - and I am in a full on ashtma attack now that I'm home. Struggling to breathe. Maybe it was the dust in the room? Perhaps the dust mites? Maybe it was the BEDBUGS. They woke me up at 3:00 each morning. I was there because it was close to where I needed to be - and it was super cheap. NEVER EVER AGAIN will I make this mistake. The cafe smelled of grease, like the hood hadn't been cleaned in years. The paint on the walls - doors - floors - wherever - was all chipped. It felt like a horror movie. The rooms were so small that I bonked my head on the bed 5 times while trying to pack my bag. (we stayed in one of the double rooms. Read: bunk bed) There wasn't room on the floor to walk, talk, stay, do really much of anything other than sleep.

Let's get back to the bedbugs. When I brought it up - the manager gave me a discount of 25% for only ONE of the nights. I recommended to her that she also look at the cobwebs in the lobby - directly behind me, on the sconce. She also offered me a free upgrade to a different style room the "next time" -- are you KIDDING me? Really? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm telling you that I was awoken at 3:00 in the morning because of things crawling on me -- when I REALLY needed to get a good night's sleep-- each morning -- and you think for one minute I'm coming back to this dump?

This place should be closed down by the department of health. It's disgusting. It's filthy. I don't care how charming it is -- and the staff, at least most of them other than Adrian - really are charming. Though not once did any of the cutely uniformed people help carry my stuff up the 12 or so really steep steps. Nice.

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See report for 113 Jane Street

My husband and I were there the night of Sept. 2. They say hind sight is 20/20 for a reason. We stayed on the 3rd floor and were satisfied with the accommodations at the time, it was small but we were only there overnight so it was ok. As we were packing up to leave I noticed tons of little blood spots in the bed that I slept in, I checked myself for a cut couldn't find anything, but didn't really think that much about it. We checked out and left.

Well now it appears that we carried bedbugs h

ome from the hotel. After doing a little more reading and educating myself further I know that those spots were probably from me crushing big juicy bedbugs as I was sleeping.

It seems that this hotel is fully aware of their issues and just refuses to close down in order to properly take care of the problem. I've put a call into the manager, but no call back so far. I just feel that the hotel should take more responsibility on the matter. We'll never stay there again!

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same as 113 jane street

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