Jane-West Hotel
507 West St
New York, NY 11223

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I lived at this hotel for about 3-4 months back in 1996 when it was an absolute flophouse yet charged $110 per week to live there. When you can't afford an apartment, SRO's can be a godsend no matter how gross they usually are (Single Room Occupancy Hotels). It may have been renovated to become upscale , but the creatures have been there for so long, the only remedy would be to demolish the building. You name it, the Jane Hotel has it, buyer beware.

I was bit by bedbugs sept/2011. I was so severely bit, i ended up in the ER of Beth Isreal. Oh, the hotel says they will cover my bills for the E.R, IF, IF i sign a waiver releasing them of all responsibility! Talk about adding insult to injury! And when I needed to get a cab to go to the E.R.( at 3 am) the front desk clerk told me it would be faster to walk up the street and get one, rather him call one for me. Keep in mind, I'm in a robe and covered in welts!!!They had taken all my clothing to

the "onsite" fumigator to disinfect them! Do not stay here! The bed was infested when i turned on the light for a glass of water. the Doc told me, thank God i woke up when i did!

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This hotel should be in a horror movie. I can't believe it is still in business. Got scabees there years ago. A dump!!!

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