Hotel on Rivington
107 Rivington St
New York, NY

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If you are concerned about bedbug reports at your location and believe that people are making false reports against your organization,you may contact the NY K-9 Task Force Bedbug Inspection Unit at 718-313-5294. We have no connection to any extermination company and we are the ONLY company trained and certified in Bedbug recognition by NYC. It would be our pleasure to offer a 'clean bill of health' upon completion of a full facility sweep as well as to allow you to publish the results online.

Hotel on Rivington takes every possible precaution to ensure that we do not get bed bugs. We have implemented a thorough training program for our housekeeping and maintenance team members to assist in the early recognition of any potential problems. The Hotel on Rivington features Temperpedic Memory Foam mattresses which are highly resistant to bed bugs.

It is important to note there are no controls or verifications required for postings to the Bed Bug Registry. Reports can and are made

by anyone from former employees to competitive hotels. No reports contained in this registry have EVER been substantiated at the Hotel on Rivington.

We strongly deny the unconfirmed allegations

see full report...

We had 2 rooms at this hotel for 6 nights from the end of september into october 2011. Half the group were biten in both rooms on 2 different floors.

Alles toll da

My husband stayed here for five days, then one week after he came home I began to get bites on my body at night. It has now been many months of battling what turned into a full blown outbreak.

It is hell. We didn't find an actual bug until January after fogging the apartment 4 times.

I often have bites all over my face, back and arms, 8-15 a night with severe itching and pain. This is a nightmare. Avoid this place at all costs.

This hotel is dark and there are bed bugs on the lower floors.

We had some serious bedbug problems here. I still have a rash all over my body. Someone needs to stop them.

I had some serious red bites all over my body after staying the night here, so did my wife. It was confirmed by a physician we saw later that day that we were bitten by bedbugs. Very dirty hotel.

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