Hotel Plaza Athenee
37 E 64th St
New York, NY 10021-7003
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5/23/2012. I have stayed at this hotel several times in the past few years and had no problems. On my last stay, I woke up with my left arm covered in bed bug bites. Disappointing, as this hotel is impeccable in every other way.

We stayed at Plaza Athenee March31-April 5th. There were NO bed bugs. The hotel is spotless,the staff is wonderful.Because I had read the report previously posted the manager inspected the mattress with me. A wonderful,charming hotel. I am looking forward to going back.

Stayed there in November and woke up to blood and a dead bug on my pillow.
Also one living that i captured and gave to the management. Don't know if they followed through with their clean up. Beware!

I stay at the Hotel Plaza Athenee and there were no bed bugs. Very nice hotel and the service was great. Thanks to this site for helping me choose which hotel to stay at while in New York. I stayed there from 11-11-2010 to 11-14-2010.

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